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It is toilet paper whispering a cheer of victory for the 
Demon Deacons. It is lines at registration winding ominously 
out of Reynolda Hall. It is "Romantic Poets" with the Provost, 
"History of the South" with Dr. Smiley or "Camus" with 
Germaine Bree. It is towering facades of Georgian red brick 
and the fragrant scent of magnolia. It is strolls in the gardens 
on a balmy southern afternoon or sledding with pit trays on a 
rare snowy night. It is roadtrips to Myrtle, sundowns on 
Sauratown Mountain, open house, champagne mixers, meal 
tickets, serenades and panty raids. It is squabbles with the 
Baptists and women in Efird. /( is a candlelight Lovefeast or a 
night with the Atlanta Rhythm Section. // is roller skating 
through the zoo and the Rocky Horror Picture Show in De- 
Tamble. It is classes in Tribble Hall, Worrell House and Casa 
Artom. It is memories of Sparky, Micky Mouse in the clock 
and the rooster on the quad. It is the canopy of color on 
Reynolda Road in the fall and the smell of tobacco in the cool 
night air. 

It is the molding of character, the education of the mind 
and the rounding of a personality expressed through a collage 
of images and a chronicle of experiences. This is what it 
means to be a student at Wake Forest. 

The 1980 Hoivler proudly presents the publication of it. 

Copyright 1980 by Mary E. Helm and the Howler staff. Printed in the United States by Hunter Publishing Co., Winston-Salem, North Carolina. All 
rights are reserved. 





] ®is/m ii i> 

Wake Forest students never cease to find expression through a variety of 
extracurricular activities. They do it in new topsiders, in their steppm' shoes, 
on campus, in the streets of Winston-Salem, in the Fine Arts and over the 
ocean. Whatever it is, they are always doing something. 

mdmi it 

Sports events highlight every season with a particular kind of excitement. 
Whether as a Tangerine Boxvl-bound football squad or a winning tennis team, 
the Demon Deacons always play it, at least in spirit, like champions. 

%/t» a 

Another facet of Wake Forest student life entails more formalized involvement 
m various campus organizations. Participation in them may range from 
service-oriented endeavors to group activities planned simply for exercise, 
entertainment, and fun. 

im a to Mmei . . . B 4 

Fraternities and socieities find that the first step towards a well-rounded and 
companionable social life starts with learning how to say it in Creek. 





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ii ifo lifti^ 

As liason between the student body and the external -world, the administration 
interprets and promotes the conception of the University as an academic 
institution. And, of course, the administration is also responsible for supplying 
the framework of order and discipline so necessary for the University's smooth 
operation. Wake Forest wouldn't be Wake Forest without someone keeping it 
all in line. 


The ideals and goals of a liberal arts education come into focus in the classroom 
for, it is here that the student finds the means for meshing intellectual pursuit 
with practical application. Through personal involvement with the student 
both inside and outside the academic environment, members of the faculty 
strive to teach it, liberal learning, as a way of living. 

mt ®t it 

Whether as a spectator of performer , devoted student or ardent party-er, 
participant or leader, the Wake Forest man or woman is first and foremost 
considered to be an integral part of it, the 3,000-strong student body. 

it w$&k 


The University Bulletin proudly affirms that Wake Forest educates men and 
women not only for a profession but for life. In this sense, the Wake Forest 
experience does not stop with the conferring of a diploma and degree but 
involves taking what it meant to achieve these things with you. 

®&ffm it 

On Aleut ^OfiiicieM, 

"A few clothing stereotypes exist on campus," the Student 
Handbook helpfully tried to warn the pre-Wake Forest 
freshman anxious to know just how it was done right at col- 
lege. "You may hear terms," it continued, "such as khaki, 
topsider, or Izod spoken of with certain joking familiarity." 

Of course there were those who knew that such expressions 
were merely harmless descriptions of a typically collegiate 
brand of pants, shoe and shirt. But for the majority of those 
who didn't, this vital fashion information only fostered 
greater anxieties and visions of ultimate rejection. 

Some actually made it to orientation with Sperry Topsiders, 
a rainbow of Izods and Red Camel khakis from Belk's base- 
ment. But those who didn't, and, indeed, those who did, 
soon discovered that it didn't really matter. Amid the whirl of 
orientation events, the pangs of homesickness, a swarm of 
new friends and the panic of registration, clothing became 
the most minor of concerns. 

Ironically enough, the particularly conscientious freshman 
soon noticed that he couldn't quite blend into the mainstream 
with the total grace and nonchalance his increasing confi- 
dence desired. How was it that he could faultlessly be pin- 
pointed as a freshman? Unlike his fellow students, the white 
was too white, the brown too brown. He was doing it in new 

ENROLLMENT: 4,736 total enrollment; 3,286 in the College of 
Arts and Sciences of which 1,994 are men and 1,292 are 
women; 220 in the Graduate School; 506 in the Law School; 
428 in the Bowman Gray School of Medicine; 203 in the 
Babcock Graduate School of Management. 

UNDERGRADUATE ADMISSIONS: 4,000 applications re- 
ceived for 840 available spaces; approximately 82% of 
freshmen graduated in the top fifth of their high school 



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9*t ^U 2><rt£ 

A Wedding 
My Fair Lady 
Midnight Express 
Harold and Maude 
Watership Down 
Bread and Chocolate 
An Unmarried Worn 

en Can Wait 
' South 


The Buddy Holly Story 

Invasion of the Body 


Great Train Robbery 
That Obscure Object 
of Desire 
Coming Home 
Animal House 
Murder by Decree 
Rocky Horror 
Picture Show 
Muppet Movie 
Invasion of the Body 



Hack % QL Wake. 

When 12 busloads of people, mostly freshmen and alumni, 
started out at 8 a.m. on the grey and wet morning of Septem- 
ber 29 for the 150-mile trek to Wake Forest, N.C., things 
looked pretty bleak. Well-made plans for a leisurely day of 
sightseeing for some and reminiscing for others was drasti- 
cally disrupted by the mandates of regional television which 
suddenly shifted the evening game (Wake Forest vs. N.C. 
State) to 1:00 in the afternoon. Yet, despite the rain, hectic 
schedule and disappointing 17-14 Deacon loss to the 
Wolfpack, the day was not a total loss. 

No one could help being caught up, even if briefly, in the 
spirit that was and still is old Wake Forest. As the buses 
toured the campus, familiar sights met the eye at every turn; 
stately red-brick buildings, imposing white columns and 
spire on a lofty chapel, green grass and shady magnolias all 
served as visual reminders that the Winston-Salem Wake 
Forest originated only 23 years ago from a more historic le- 

The campus is now inhabited by the Southeastern Baptist 
Theological Seminary, but in the memories of those who still 
live in the town as well as of those who moved with the 
school to Winston-Salem, old Wake Forest still lives on. Mrs. 
Opal Weatherly, a participant in the trek, lived on the old 
campus for about 10 years with her husband who was then, 
as now, the superintendent of buildings and grounds. Sum- 
ming up her feelings about returning, she says, "People are 
always so glad to see us when we come back." And, indeed, if 
an air of peaceful, almost rural solitude so characteristic of the 
Winston-Salem campus is any indication, Wake Forest never 
really left. 

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On Ike, StteeU, 

One of the givens of life at Wake Forest is a certain limita- 
tion to the variety of entertainment available on campus. 
After a few months, the endless cycle of classes, pit food, and 
campus parties begins to lose its luster. Eventually, every 
Wake Forest student begins to look for off-campus alterna- 
tives. Originally, he limits himself to a quick ten-minute 
jaunt up University Parkway to the 30th Street juncture of 
Pizza Garden, TOG, and Safari Room. The more adventurous 
student might slip outside a three mile radius of Wait Chapel 
and explore such exotic nightspots at Henry's Pub (15 
Brookstown Ave.) or Los Amigos (Mexican Restaurant). 

It takes a little longer for the realization to sink in that 
Winston-Salem also exists in the daytime. But inevitably 
Wake students discover the character of the city apart from 
the college. From such earthy delights as the Farmer's Market 
and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. to the more esoteric pleasures 
of the Winston-Salem Symphony and SECCA, it is a city of 
contrasts. Of course, between the contrasts are things that are 
just plain fun. Streetscene and the Dixie Classic Fair offer a 
chance to get off campus, have a good time, and forget the 
pressures of school. Those with a little more time can trek up 
to the mountains in the fall to look at the leaves, then go back 
in January for the skiing. 

Anyway you look at it, for four years Winston-Salem is 
home for 3,000 Wake Forest students. In this way it's like any 
other college town, it can be participated in or ignored. But 
when the magnolia-lined walkways begin to close in, there's 
always lots to do in the streets of Winston-Salem. 

.-X. -. 

9n Ike. Qine, Anti 

1 T3I 


Unbeknown to many students, Wake 
Forest participates with the North 
Carolina School of the Arts and the 
Southeastern Center for Contemporary 
Art in an artist-in-residence program 
sponsored by the Rockefeller Founda- 
tion. A three year grant provides funds 
for the stay of two nationally prominent 
artists a year, as well as enabling many 
more, shorter, visits by a wide variety 
of artists. Theodora Skiptares, a per- 
formance artist from New York, was in 
Winston-Salem in the Spring. In Fall 
1979, Winston-Salem's artist-in- 
residence was the New York City 
painter Jane Couch. A conversation 
with her was somewhat deceptive, for 
the quiet articulation of her views could 
have belonged as easily to a visiting 
English professor as to an artist. How- 
ever, instead of Shakespeare, she was 
explaining the details of pattern paint- 
ing. More precisely, she was explaining 
the details of her painting; for the label 
of pattern painter is one which she has 
neither chosen nor especially likes. Art 
critic John Perreault has written, "Pat- 
tern painting can be divided into two 
clear subdivisions: the decorative and 
the conceptual. . . . Jane Couch is not 
overtly decorative, nor is she particu- 
larly mathematicial or systematic in her 

pattern-making. Her kind of painting 
overlaps both wings of pattern paint- 
ing, perhaps falling within a third yet 
unnamed subdivision." In any case, 
her presence on campus added a new 
dimension to the arts at Wake Forest. 
Following are excerpts from an inter- 
view in which she talked about the ori- 
gin and development of her work and 
about her stay in Winston-Salem. 

Q. How did you get involved with this 
style of work? 

A. Well, there was a period a few years 
ago when I was very unsatisfied with 
my painting so I quit for about a year. I 
didn't want to paint again until I could 
be excited about my work. In the mean- 
time I kept up my knitting on a sweater 
I was working on. I gradually became 
fascinated with the patterns of weaving 
and knitting and began to use them in 
my painting. 

Q. How long have you been working 
on this particular painting? 
A. I've been working on this one since 
June. I brought it with me to finish. 
Q. The colors in it are really nice, espe- 
cially those reds and oranges. What 
kind of paint is that? 
A. It's done in oil. I tend to get a little 
carried away with the paint. I put it on 

very thick and some of those colors, 
especially the reds and oranges you just 
commented on, are pretty expensive. 
About nine dollars a tube. But I like the 
way they kind of pop out at you, while 
other ones sink back into the canvas. 
Q. What do you think of the arts in 
Winston-Salem? I mean, do they do 
more than just make cigarettes here? 
A. I think there's a big emphasis on the 
arts here. Certainly more than in most 
towns this size. For one thing, SECCA 
is here. It also seems that the people in 
the community really want the arts 
here. It's nice to have people in the 
community who want to support the 
arts — financially and otherwise. 
Q. How about our department here at 
Wake Forest? I know that it's grown a 
tremendous amount in the four years 
that I've been at Wake Forest. How 
would you compare it with other 
schools around the country? 
A. This is a good department. The fac- 
ulty and the facilities both compare well 
with what I've seen at other places. 
Q. How about the students? 
A. Really good. In fact, I think the work 
of the art sutdents here is comparable to 
graduate work that I've seen being 
done at some other institutions. 


majof production: 

] hfee fflen : 

September 28-29, October 3-9 

fhe !:. i F Verona 

November 8-10, 13-14, 16-17 

I Fung Thin* i h 

February 21-23, 26-29; March 1 
April 11-12, 15-19 



Ove* ^Jbe, Ocean 


Academic life at Wake Forest need not be limited by the 
boundaries of Reynolda Road, University Parkway or the city 
of Winston-Salem, for, as the Bulletin affirms, liberal arts ed- 
ucation at Wake Forest is also international. Opportunities for 
study abroad are unlimited and range from year-long ex- 
change scholarships with universities in Berlin, Columbia 
and Orleans, to four-week lightning tours through Europe 
under the direction of a particular department. These excur- 
sions also take students as far as Russia and South America. 

The most popular choice, however, for study abroad seems 
to be participation in the Venice, London, Dijon, and Spain 
programs. In 1974 the University purchased the former Amer- 
ican consulate on the Grand Canal in Venice which, under the 
name of Casa Artom, houses up to twenty students each se- 
mester. Approximately sixteen students spend a semester in a 
large, Victorian house in suburban London acquired by the 
University in 1977 through the patronage of Mr. Eugene Wor- 
rell. Together with a faculty member and Italian and British 
professors, students study selected courses focusing on the 
culture and history of each country. In France and Spain, 
students live with families and study at the University of 
Dijon or the University of Salamanca for a semester. 

Wake Forest students, then, at least those who venture over 
the ocean, do it not only on a homey 320-acre campus but also 
in the back alleys of the Champs d'Elysses and the streets of 
Picadilly Circus. 








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t-j i-i ?:rs :;r— 7_ _- ; :: — - —^ 
—~ - ~ ' - 5 ' - " l-ttt ^7 : _t~ 7. ~:~ rrrr 
"*r" :-- ~ : -t-^:~j 7~ f '- ~ — _-- 
tH^aaakfcnribcE& and 

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7777 - :: 77 — ~ r zz 7 : - ~f~- 

7-"'r r.' -77; 7 - : : -r - \~: 

- r ' : ~rr ~i._ 77 " 7J 7 t" ; 7 




After a last-minute 30-23 victory over 
Appalachian State to open the season, 
the Deacons embarked on a string of 
upsets by defeating then 12th ranked 
Georgia, 22-21. As the Bulldogs cele- 
brated the 50th birthday of Stanford 
Stadium before a full house crowd, 
Wake outran and ourpassed the Dogs 
before holding off three late scoring 
threats to seal the victory. The deadly 
Venuto-to-Baumgardner passing attack, 
demonstrated against Georgia proved 
even more effective against ECU as the 
Deacons boosted their record to 3-0 and 
Venuto established an ACC record for 
completions. A 40-yard Phil Denfield 
field goal midway through the final 
period and a stubborn fourth quarter 
defense gave the Deacs a 23-20 win. 

Wake lost its first game on a rainy 
Saturday at NC State, 17-14. After a 
game-winning State field goal late in 
the game, a last-minute Deacon drive 
ended in a fumble in State territory. 
Travelling to Virginia Tech the follow- 
ing week, Wake needed two fourth 
quarter touchdowns to defeat the 
Gobblers, 19-14, the game again being 
decided in the final minutes. 

Defense was the key to Wake's 24-19 
victory over UNC, October 13. All- 
conference Carolina tailback Amos 
Lawrence was held to scarcely a yard 
per carry average. Two fourth quarter 
touchdowns again provided the margin 
the Deacs needed. On October 20, the 
squad bettered its record to 6-1 and 
broke into the Top Twenty for the first 
time since 1944 by defeating Maryland, 
1 25-17. Defense again was a key factor as 
V the Terps failed to manage a touchdown 
4 until the waning minutes of the game. 

* A:***- ;V*J 

The season climaxed October 27, 
when the confident 6-1 Deacons 
rolled into a packed house at 
Groves Stadium and stood toe-to- 
toe with perennial powerhouse 
Auburn, ranked 13th nationally. 
After the teams played to a 21-20 
standoff midway through the sec- 
ond quarter, Auburn converted a 
long scoring drive and two Wake 
fumbles into a 38-20 halftime lead. 
Enlivened by Coach Mackovic's 
lockerroom speech and James 
McDougald's record breaking four 
touchdowns, the Deacs turned 
three long second half drives into 
touchdowns while the defense shut 
the Tiger scoring machine com- 
pletely down. As Venuto broke his 
own record for single game passing 
yardage, the defense withstood two 
fourth quarter Auburn drives by 
forcing turnovers late in the game. 
Ranked 14th and in the national 
limelight, the Deacs went to Clem- 
son November 3 only to be humili- 
ated 31-0 in a regionally televised 
game. The physical Tiger team 
combined a power running attack 
with frequent Wake mistakes in 
routing the Deacs and virtually 
eliminating the squad's chance for 
a share of the ACC title. After a 
17-14 victory over Duke, memora- 
ble only for Frank Harnisch's last- 
second field goal in a muddy 
downpour and James McDougald's 
200 plus yards rushing, the Deacs 
were once again clouted in South 
Carolina, this time by USC. 
Though the teams played evenly 
until halftime, a second half bar- 
rage of Wake Forest turnovers even- 
tually led to a 35-14 loss. The suffer- 
ing was alleviated only by the 
team's lockerrom acceptance of a 
Tangerine Bowl invitation. 

An emotionally inspired LSU 
team, playing its last game for Head 
Coach Charley MacLendon, pre- 
vented the Deacs from capturing 
that elusive ninth win. Trailing 
24-3 at the half, the team momen- 
tarily staged a second half comeback, 
but, once again, key turnovers 
sealed the Deacon's fate. LSU 
walked away with the victory, 



Under the direction of Coach 
George Kennedy, the soccer club 
spent its last year of existence play- 
ing an intensive schedule of ranked 
teams in anticipation of its 1980 
debut as a NCAA varsity squad. 
The demanding assortment of 
teams was part of Coach Kennedy's 
extensive training to prepare for an 
enormous 1980 schedule which in- 
cludes both nationally ranked in- 
dependents and traditionally tough 
ACC opponents. 

Coach Kennedy comes to Wake 
Forest with a long history of suc- 
cess. He trained the team con- 
stantly during the off-season with a 
vigorous program that included 
both winter and indoor soccer. 
Team members responded en- 

With a strong, young nucleus re- 
turning to join a cluster of new re- 
cruits, the prospects for the Deacs' 
first season look bright. The hard 
work during the off-season should 
make the Deacons immediate com- 
petitors. However, a relentless 
schedule that includes many well 
established powers prevents any- 
one from being hastily optimistic. 


What was perhaps the most criti- 
cal play affecting the men's basket- 
ball team in 1979-80 occurred long 
before the season even started. 
Frank Johnson injured his ankle in 
a'pickup game, and, after dressing 
for Wake's first few games, decided 
to wait until next season to use his 
remaining year of eligibility. 

After narrowly missing an upset 
of Duke in the season opener, Wake 
lost to NC State the following night 
to finish last in the Big Four tour- 
nament for the third consecutive 
year. In the time between the Big 
Four and the start of the ACC 
schedule, the team won six games 
while losing only to Temple away 
from home. 

During that time, the team 
played consistently well against 
non-conference foes. 



The conference season started January 
2 at Virginia, where Wake Forest never 
regained from an early Virginia lead. 
Against Maryland and UNC, Deacon 
fans got a preview of a problem that was 
to plague the team all year long: the in- 
ability to protect a lead in the final min- 
utes of a game. Wake lost both games 
in the final minutes. 

The Deacs picked up their first con- 
ference win behind Chuck Dahms at 
home against Clemson. But the Clemson 
win was followed by a disappointing 
loss to Duke in which Wake built a 66-60 
lead only to lose 67-66 in the last minute. 
BaLlhandling mistakes were a key factor 
in the loss. 

A victory over non-conference foe 
Appalachian and a loss to UNC ended 
the first half of the conference season. 

V s * 


The second half of the ACC 
schedule started off with a smooth 
win over new conference member 
Georgia Tech. In the following 
game, against Duke, Wake jumped 
out to a 31-15 lead and appeared 
heading for consecutive conference 
victories. But a flurry of turnovers 
at the hands of the Duke press en- 
abled the Blue Devils to gain the 
lead by halftime and go on to a bit- 
ter second half blowout. 

The next game, at home against 
Virginia, was the most exciting of 
the season, ending with Alvis 
Roger's swish shot as time expired 
to give the team its third conference 
win. The Virginia game was fol- ^ 
lowed by a loss to Clemson. 

NC State used its slow down tac- s 
tics to defeat the Deacs at Raleigh | 
on February 11. Wake finally got e 
back-to-back wins with last minute 5 
victories over both Davidson and | 
Georgia Tech at home. 


— V* 

The Deacs finished the regular season 
with an unspectacular 13-13 record after 
two late season losses. The first occurred 
at Maryland when a second half rally fell 
short after the team came back from a 15 
point halftime deficit. The second, at 
home against NC State, resulted when 
State gained early control of the game 
and utilized their slowdown tactics once 

The Deacs finished the season with a 
4-10 conference record, edging out only 
newcomer Georgia Tech in the final con- 
ference standings. The team played sec- 
ond place finisher UNC in the first 
round of the tournament, which was yet 
to be played when the Howler went to 

With Frank Johnson back in action 
next season and the four sophomores 
who formed the nucleus of the 1979- 
squad having had another year's experi- 
ence, next year's club should undoubt- 
edly improve on this year's record. The 
team will definitely have the potential 
for a high conference finish in 1980-81 . 








Rebounding from a weak 6 — 20 
record the year before, the Deacons 
responded with an improved 16 — 9 
record overall, despite a 2 — 4 mark 
in ACC competition. The ACC tour- 
nament proved to be disappointing 
for the Deacs as they ended up in 
seventh place with just 30 points. A 
trip through Florida by Coach 
Leighton's squad against tough com- 
petition proved to be somewhat suc- 
cessful. Armand Molina held down 
the number one spot admirably, post- 
ing a 22 — 3 record. Other top per- 
formers included number two Allen 
Farfour and number three Tom Keif- 



Second-year Coach Sylvia Gilley led a 
young net team to a successful year. 
The team finished with a 6-3 record 
overall in the fall (2-2 in the ACC). Con- 
ference victories were over Maryland 
and NC State. Taking into account the 
loss of four of the top six players from 
last year's team, this was considered 
one of the better seasons in a while for 
the Lady Deacs. The team was paced 
by last year's MVP Ann Phelps, who 
registered an 8-1 fall record, and 
freshman Kay Anderle. With this 
young team, the netters are expecting a 
good deal of success in the future. 


' • ' ^ ' • ' - 1-1 ■ 


Fall 1979 found the women's cross 
country team struggling for recogni- 
tion among intense ACC competition 
that included three of the nation's top 
ten teams. Highlighting the season, 
the team competed in the AIAW Na- 
tional meet for the first time in its five 
year history. The Lady Deacons won 
the right to advance to the national 
meet by finishing third at the Region 
II, Division II meet in Kentucky, No- 
vember 3. Wake Forest Finished 17th 
overall among 46 teams in their divi- 

Newcomers Karen Bartel and 
Melanie White performed consis- 
tently throughout their first year, 
while sophomores Alisa Davis and 
Cindy Ross returned to have superior 
individual performances. The teams 
youth and the NCAA's new system of 
division, which should give the team 
a greater opportunity for advance- 
ment in the future, afford hope for 
the years to come. 


-'V'.'' ' " '• ' 

Larry Delaplaine 
Running is the highest mode I have of ex- 
pressing myself. It's what makes me unique 
as an individual. Doing well in a race is the 
best sense of satisfaction I know. My first 
two seasons were mediocre and the support 
of a friend kept me going. The biggest 
achievement in my life was breaking the 
nine minute barrier in the two-mile. That 
moment made the last six years of training 

The Men's Cross Country team 
finished with a 1-2 record in dual meet 
competition. Led by senior Larry De- 
laplaine and junior Darryl Robinson the 
harriers gained fifth place in the state 
meet and sixth in the conference. With 
seniors Larry Delaplaine, Jack Durkin, 
and Mark Warren graduating the un- 
derclassmen will face a challenge in 
building a winning program in the 1980 

> V. •.-.. 

: -VT '•••■ j ■ 



M Si^^ 

The field hockey team, under the di- 
rection of Coach Caroline Brown, came 
close to their goal of a winning season 
by bordering the .500 mark. The team 
posted an upset win over Duke, which 
had previously been unbeaten by 
Coach Brown's teams. Five players 
made the Deep South East Sectionals 
including: Leanne Book, Laura Dron- 
zek, Stee Brown, Sandy Barbour, and 
Jinsey Dauk. Captain Alicia Nance and 
Goal-keeper Cathy Wright will be the 
only losses next year, leaving a strong 
nucleus of returning players. With an 
experienced squad, Coach Brown's 
team should have its winning season in 
the upcoming year. 

* in a 



In spite of a record far below the .500 
mark, the 1979-80 women's basketball 
team showed definite improvement 
from last season's 2-19 mark. Under the 
direction of highly acclaimed first year 
coach Wanda Briley, the team played in 
a new and stronger AIAW division in 
addition to playing a complete ACC 
schedule that included nationally 
ranked teams. 

Improvement was evident from the 
beginning of the season to the end. An 
early season 31 point loss to Eton was 
nearly avenged in late season when the 
Lady Deacs took Elon into overtime. 
Coach Briley calls the spirited group 

one of the most hard-working she has 
ever seen. The team's attitude seemed 
to be one of its most valuable assets. 

Senior Jane Jackson provided the 
squad with leadership as she averaged 
over 17 points per game. Barbara 
Durham, a freshman, provided inside 
strength by averaging almost 16 points 
a game. 

With over a hundred prospective re- 
cruits having already been contacted, 
the team could conceivably improve as 
much next season as it did in 1979-80. 
However, it appears that Wake is still a 
few years away from competing with 
the Division I giants of the ACC. 




Second year coach Gale Chamblee 
directed her young volleyball team 
through an impressive 1979 season 
that culminated in a NCAIAW cham- 
pionship and a berth in the regional 
tournament. The team compiled a 
20-15 record through the course of the 
season. The Deacs were undefeated 
in their district and lost only one 
match to another Division II team. In 
addition, the team proved it could 
compete with Division I teams by 
finishing third among a strong field 
at the ECU Invitational. Following 
the season, the team boosted its 
record to 24-15 by winning the an- 
nual state tournament and advanced 
to the regional tournament for the 
first time since 1977. With freshmen 
comprising more than half the team, 
Coach Chamblee should have an 
abundance of talent returning in fu- 
ture years. 


During the 1979 season, the Wake 
Forest Track team made exceedingly 
good showings in distance running 
events. In the ACC indoor meet, Larry 
Delaplaine and Kevin Amigh captured 
5th place in the Steeplechase with Dar- 
ryl Robinson gaining 4th place in the 
1500 meter race with a time of 1:53. The 
upcoming season will be paced by a 
strong core of returning members and 
new recruits. Veterans Larry Delaplaine 
and Darryl Robinson coupled with 
freshmen Dexter Hawkins and Robert 
Johnston, will give the Wake Forest 
Track team a bright future for the 1980 


' *,- i"x % <t 

? - ■ * i'' 







, ■ 

: ■- - ► ■■*■• ,':_ 

The Wake Forest Golf Team began 
the Spring of 1979 in expected win- 
ning fashion. The team placed second 
in the Pan-American Invitational and 
also the Furman Invitational. 

In the ACC Championship Tour- 
nament Wake Forest won first place 
honors with Gary Hallberg and 
Robert Wrenn placing second and 
fourth respectively. 

In the Fall 1979 season the team 
placed first in the Grandfather Invita- 
tional and third in the Cypress Gar- 
dens Intercollegiate. Gary Pinns 
paced the team gaining first place 
honors at the Cardinal Amateur and 
the Grandfather Invitational. Good 
showings were also made by Matt 
King and Tom Knox who both gained 
second places in the Cardinal 
Amateur and the Cypress Gardens 
Invitational. With returning NCAA 
Champion Gary Hallberg, and veter- 
ans Robert Wrenn, and Gary Pinns. 
The Wake Forest Golf Team promises 
another extraordinary winning sea- 
son in 1980. 


Despite a disappointing third place 
finish in the state AIAW tournament, 
the Lady Deacon golfers enjoyed a suc- 
cessful fall season. A 15 stroke victory 
in the Big Four Tournament high- 
lighted the fall. Wake golfers Charlotte 
Grant and Amy Geitner took first and 
second place in that tournament as 
Wake claimed three of the top four 
spots. The victory was especially pleas- 
ing since Wake Forest hosted the tour- 
nament at Old Town Country Club. In 
other fall action, the Lady Deacons 
finished second among nine teams in 
the Duke Fall Invitational. Charlotte 
Grant consistently held down the num- 
ber one slot, while Robin Holloway and 
Patty Jordan proved to be threats in 
every tournament. 

The golfers prepared enthusiastically 
for the spring schedule, which pitted 
them against the best teams in the na- 
tion. The team currently has access to 
two championship courses, Bermuda 
Run and Old Town, which gives it 
some of the best facilities in the coun- 

Recruiting between the fall and 
spring seasons was said to be going 
well. With every member of this year's 
team returning, Wake Forest could very 
well have next fall its best team ever. 

I ', '#4 » ' - X 

•n ' \ . . . «- 


With a strong nucleus from the 1978 
squad and the inspired play of several 
seniors, the 1979 Diamond Deacs 
posted their winningest record in fifteen 
years. However, the Deacons, .28-9 
overall, finished second in conference 
play for the second consecutive year 
with a 9-3 mark. A new ACC rule 
eliminating the post-season tourna- 
ment sent regular season champion 
Clemson to the NCAA tournament. 
Any Deacon hopes for an at-large bid 
were quelled by two late season losses. 

Seniors Stan Johnson and Bob Hely 
combined with Chris Hurd to provide 
the offensive power for the team. Frank 
and Marty Harnisch also paced the 
team with consistant hitting and 41 sto- 
len bases between them. Defensively, 
Senior Jimmy Doherty posted the 
team's lowest ERA mark, and Warren 
Newton was undefeated in seven deci- 

The squad suffered conference losses 
only to Clemson and UNC. Its first con- 
ference loss, a grueling 16 inning loss to 
Clemson in midseason, was perhaps 
the most disheartening defeat of the 
year. Clemson's victory over Wake 
Forest the following day virtually 
erased the Deacons' chances of winning 
the conference championship. 


- w 

. ■!*-. 


"--. zr-~-- 

- DQE 





L ■- • - 

The Deac swimmers, like most minor 
sports at Wake, found the competetion 
within the ACC tough this year. The 
team's overall record was 4 — 8. Coach 
Tom Aim, in his third year, and senior 
swimmers Tom Laraway, Ron Cobb, 
and Jim Kusel had high hopes at the 
outset. Strong individual showings 
were turned in consistently by Mark 
Hicks, David Linquist, and Rob Leyrer. 
The loss of this year's seniors will hurt 
Wake's prospects for future success. 
Competition with the States of the 
swimming world isn't going to get any 

d *1 



■ " 

m£® it 

*\ 7 


We Student 


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"The purpose of The Student, Wake Forest's literary magazine, is a dual one. 
Primarily it serves as an outlet for the originality and creative expression of the 
students. In this vein we publish outstanding student talent — short stories, 
poetry, essays, drawings, and photographs. 

We also try to bring the arts to Wake Forest by reporting on events in the artistic 
life of Winston-Salem and by moving beyond the city to interview artists, writers, 
and critics who are setting the pace within their fields. We hope our readers find 
their ideas enlightening and provocative." Robin Byrd, Editor. 

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Associate Editors 

Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 

"A student newspaper should link the tradition of the 
university to each generation by introducing students to 
university concerns and the university to student con- 

Old Gold and Black examines the issues facing the uni- 
versity. Coverage of campus and local events helps stu- 
dents make informed choices when they evaluate the 
spectrum of opportunities competing for their interests. 
The Gazette supplement, published four times yearly, 
explores one topic in depth. 

Keeping students abreast of the developments and sig- 
nificance of redefining the university's relationship with 
the Baptist State Convention was an important challenge 
for the staff. Returning to a modified version of the tradi- 
tional nameplate affirmed a committment to the universi- 
ty's heritage. 

If Old Gold and Black upholds its tradition, it must 
continue as a forum for opinion and as a conscientious 
source of information for the WF community." — Cathy 
Woodard, Editor 

re Stacy Luks, Betsy Wakefield, 





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monumental proportions was met with the unfailing hope that theirs would be the true vision 
to capture the essence of Wake Forest 1980. Buoyed by the ideals of perseverance, patience 
and poignant good wit, they journeyed from the depths of desperation to the fireside 
satisfaction with each passing deadline and found that 296 pages of artistic excellence was 
indeed to be realized." Mary Heim, Editor 

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Cranford: 104, 105. 
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Hank Helm: 122, 156, 188, 242 
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McNabb Studios 5, 51, 191. 

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261, 267. 

Laurie Parendes: 52. 
Todd Pascarelli: 169. 
Pendlebury 105. 

Joe Petrone: 19 (2), 25, 30, 31 (2), 33 (2), 46 (3), 47, 48 (2), 56, 200. 
Charlie Prothro: 56(2). 
Bill Ray: 5, 289. 
Ml Ray III 1 



Ed Stall 104 

Randy Stoltz: 15 (2), 17, 50, 157, 159, 160, 164. 210 (2), 211, 258, 263. 

Harold Tedford: 49 (3). 

Charles Vaughan: 4, 5, 16 (2), 155, 166, 203, 204 (2), 212 (2), 222 (2), 225, 249, 254, 294, 296. 

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Rick Huegli 
Faculty Sponsors 

John Adair 
Jane Alexander 
Greg Barrow 
Melanie Canon 
Mary Chapman 
Alisa Davis 
Diane Evans 
Jo Jo Ferraro 
Tnsha Garrison 
Chris Gaynor 
Amy Geithner 
Tnna Griffin 
Scott Hamilton 

Mac Haupt 




na Horton 


Don Jackson 
Steve Johnson 
Albert Kirby 
Chuck Kraft 
Jeff McLaughlin 
David Morns 
Darryl Robinson 
Tom Snell 
Laura Thomas 
Jeff Whitt 
Tammy Woolard 

Marching Band 

Cindv Allen 
Mary Allen 
Rick AUred 

Kitty Amatruda 
Jackie Bacoate 



Mike Banks 

Scott Black 

Amv Blackman 

Carolyn Blue 

Bill Boggs 

Yvette Bowser 

Ron Bracken 

Bernard Brophy 

Bimey Bull 

Dwayne Burgess 

Anthony Burrell 

Patti Cassels 

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Diana Doster 

Ann Ferguson 

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Susan Geer 

Greg Glass 

Edith Cleaves 

Jeff Goodman 

Beth Graham 

Eddie Gwyn 

Steve Harsch 

Renee Hasty 

Bill Hinson 

Mary Beth Hunt 

Randy Husbands 

Anita Izzi 

Scott Jamison 

Harriet Jennings 

I mj.i lones 

Vicki Jones 

Tom Kalish 

Pete Kemeny 

Mane King 

David Kitzmiller 

Ron Knight 

Peter Kruyer 

<aren MacFadden 

Tammy Martin 

Ron Mattison 

Eddie Mills 

Ray Nelson 

Neida Peland 

Karey Perkins 

Kenneth Perry 

Carole Rector 

Donna Robinson 

Kurt Rosell 

Rob Roux 

Hoover Royals 

Cindie Rusnak 

Richard Shoaf 

Mark Simmons 

Flip Smith 
Ramon Smith 
AUyson Stanley 
Carol Stanley 
Lytin Strobel 
Loretta Sutphin 
Carroll Swenson 

Doug Thomas 

Tracy Thompson 

Janice Trull 

Rod TuUis 

Michael Walker 

Chip Walpoke 

Chloe Wellons 

■nnifer Weatherspoon 

Randy Whitehead 

Herbert Whitesell 

Julie Wilkinson 

Enc Williams 

Rick Wurst 

Drew Wyatt 

Jazz Ensemble 


•nelson Burgess 

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Greg Carter 

Pete Kemeny 

Glen Dennis 

Jeff Lindquist 

Gary Fuccillo 
Jack Gebbie 

Dave Robertson 

Rob Roux 

Greg Glass 

Jeff Safnt 

Wayne Greenough 

Richard Shoaf 

Dennis Heame 

David Yarborough 


Cynthia Beatty 
Margaret Brenner 
Catherine Bryan 
Dwayne Burgess 
Catherine Burton 

Lecia Cecconi 

Krissy Cockerham 

Helen Comer 

Sharon Cumbee 

Glen Dennis 

Franklin Donaldson 

Mitzi Dooley 

Sharah Dooley 






on Burgess 



ice Fain 

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nne Forrv 

Leonard Nanzetta 


Id Frazier 

Enc Nickeson 

Debbie Furst 

Douglas Norton 


me Jarratt 

Sarah Peterson 


-is Jones 

Camille Prescott 


id Levy 

Lindsey Puryear 



Josie Rhine 

Harold Link 

Marian Rogers 



Susan Rogers 

Buckner Malcolm 

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es Medlin 

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en Moor 

Mark Springfield 

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jean Tripp 

Mary Tuggle 

Fred Uberseder 

Scott Uffelman 

Mane Wallace 

Jacob Whitner 

Barbara Williams 

Marguerite Young 

David Younger 

Iill Allen 

Kann Armen 

Allison Bare 

Sonia Berrv' 

Robert Boswell 

Rodnev Bowen 

Freda Bowman 

David Brantley 

Jennifer Brewer 

Ann Brown 

Debbie Buchanan 

Clyde Cash 

Amy Cathey 

Pat Cloninger 

Sandy Cobb 

Robin Conte 

Cindy Coulson 

Ken Craig 

Lisa DeMaio 

Kim Dennis 

heodora Drozdows 

Mananne Exum 

Vicki Fite 

Paula Floyd 

Aimee Fontaine 

Anne Froger 

Chris Gaynor 

KuKirj ( ,eii;t'i 

Todd Goodling 

Ross Goodman 

Gregory Hayes 

Barbara Helms 

Anna Hicks 

Brvan Hill 

Susan Hunter 

Vinita Hunter 

Robert Jenkins 

Harriet (ennings 

Bill Katibah 

Chuck King 

Mike Koonce 

Beth Komegay 

Barrv Krueger 

Mark Landreth 

Cindy Lehoczky 

[oie Lewis 

Kim Love 

Mary Lucke 

Perry Mandanis 

Maria McDaniel 

Amv Meharg 

Stephanie Menking 

Jimmv Michael 

Chris Murrell 

Jov Myers 

Pam Patrick 

Tammy Pausch 

Sarah Peterson 

Lynwood Powell 

Kellv Ragsdale 

David Ramsev 

Robert Renner 

Kathv Rust 

Jeff Safnt 

Amv Sanbom 

Lisa San ford 

Kim Saunders 

Rob Saunders 

Kathy Smith 

Roy Smith 

Anne Spencer 

Lisa Stephens 

Louis Stnckler 

Helen Summerhn 

Vivian Tedford 

Hayes Thomas 

Sally Tickle 

Harry Tucker 

Tom Tyree 

Tina Vogel 

Yoshika Wakabayashi 

David Wallover 

Jacquelvn Worth 

Joe Wescott 

Chase White 

Ed Wiles 

Frank Wise 

Charles Yarbrough 

Choral Union 

Katy Brantlev 

Margaret Braswell 

Jay Conner 

Mark Damon 

Vicki Fite 

Anne Froger 

Kathy Kelly 

Sharon Michael 

Tammv Pausch 

Richard Shoal 

Nathan Sikes 

Charles Vaughn 

Dr lohn Mochnick 


Stacey Armstrong 

Connie Bakes 

Steve Bare 

John Beasley 

Freda Bowman 

David Brantley 

Ann Brown 

Scott Chapman 

Ineel Cho 

Jeff Elliott 

Forrest Faison 

Vicki Fite 

Todd Goodling 

Sara Gurry 

Beth Henon 

Joe Hill 



Robert lenkins 

Lydia lohnson 

Chuck King 

Cindy Knight 

Barry Krueger 

Mark Landreth 

Joie Lewis 

Steve Lucas 

Lavonda Luper 

Sharon Michael 

Pam Patrick 

Tammy Patrick 

Tammy Pausch 

Kevin Ritchie 

Amy Sanbom 

Rob Saunders 

Sharon Sheets 

Barry Shepherd 

Lisa Smith 

Lisa Stephens 

Melanie Stone 

Betsv Terry 

Charles Vaughan 

Andy Wakefield 

David Wallover 

Beth White 

Craig Wolff 

Concert Choir 

' t w 

Anthony Aston 

lohn Gullev 


Patricia Adams 

Ken Dunn 

Jeff Knight 

Eric Amen 

Kelly Faust 

Jeff Lavmon 

Andy Armentrout 

Michael Coddell 

Tom Lewis 

Carol Barbee 

Ken Gwynn 

Tony Luper 

Paul Batchelor 

Emily Hester 

Chris Munell 

Paul Bidwell 

Rick Hines 

Cynthia Pasquianell 

Catherine Burroughs 
Steve Comwell 

Tom Hollis 

Tami Patnck 

Darlene Johnson 

Joe Philbrick 

Joe Davidson 

Lee Ann Kennedy 

Noel Rhodes 

Van Denton 

Chuck King 

Lisa Roberts 

Ginny Ross 
Lynne Spencer 
Pat Toole 
Nell White 
Lee Williams 
Ginny Wood 
Drew Wyatt 
John Young 


Lvnn Blount 

Beth Boone 

Claire CoUey 

Andrea Epting 

Doranne Fenoaltea 

Tnsha Garrison 

Lynn Knapp 

Becky Loftis 

5usan Margitic 

less Richardsoi 

Kelle Smith 


i Smith 

Debbie David 


Page Dickson 

Travis Eldndge 

Lesa Fouts 

Terry Grant 
Carol Gwaltnev 
Diane Hamlet 

Diane Hansen 
Jeff Harper 
Chns Kirby 

Joe Payne 
George Pnce 
Cathy Wall 





Thomas Alston 

Yvette Barney 

Anthony Burrell 

Margie Donaldson 

Ava Fowler 

Edith Cleaves 

Eddie Gwyn 

Joal Half 

Deborah Hatcher 

Teresa Henley 

Jerome Holmes 

Cindy Howell 

Linda lones 

Euna Jordan 
Darlene Lawrence 

Marilyn Little 
Ronald Mattison 

Judith Milsap 

Grovetta Nelson 

Kenneth Percy 

Barney Price 


Charlette Rhue 

Darryl Robinson 

Gloria Rowlinson 

Rod TuUis 


College Union 

Priscilla Ashburr 
Mark Crabtree 
Perry Dansky 
Kim Grimes 
Steve Gurganis 
Candy Hatcher 

Denny Snyder 

Jane Hobson 
Vince Kieman 
John Lazarchick 

De Little 

Bruce McCreedy 

Andrea Over 


Mark Owens 
Leslie Poole 
Kathy Reagan 

Cecile Smith 
Mike Tei\ido 

George Thomason 

Tom Walsh 

Royce Weatherly 

Doug Wilkins 


Circle K 
it *. .* -, ■ iiHElaiiaallLl 

Tau Eta Mu 



t /y 

College Democrats 


Ray Allen 
JacV Austin 
Steve Beam 
Kav Beckett 
Diana Ereth 
Kevin Greely 
Rob Griffin 
Terry Hammond 
Leal Henderson 
Kenny Hemng 
Mark Holt 
Robert Jenkins 
Neil Jones 
Andrea Marrot 
Charles Mathis 
Gerard McNeill 
David Mid diet on 
Steve Norman 
Elizabeth Stepher 
John Sullivan 
Lisa Thompson 

Rami Abeyewardene 

C. Surein Abeyewardei 
Beatnce Bartmess 

...n-Wen Chu 

Howard Chung 
Neil Daymond 
Bernadetle Deschamps 

Donald Jurden 
Emmanuel Keku 
Keng Yap Low 
Deborah MacDonald 
Victoria Martinez 
Emmanuel Obeng 
Phouthone Phravorachith 
a Planchin 

era Pre 

Mytrae P 

tshiko Wakabayashi 

International Club 

College Republicans 

Edward Allen 

David Bain 

Janet Bates 

Robert Becker 

Rhonda Bentz 

Steve Berlin 

Karen Bradley 

Margaret Braswell 

Rodney Carter 

David Cheshier 

Gene Clouse 

Mark Crabtree 

David Daniels 

Eric Daniels 

Tara Dougherty 

Autumn Duhe 

Vicki Fite 

Joseph Goebels 

Susan Hawkins 


David Graham 

Ed Kinmer 

John Rodgers 

Wayne Greenough 

David Kitzmiller 

C.B. Roe 

Susan Griffith 

Albert Koch 

David Rogers 
Orion Rogers 

Cynthia Hanna 

Lincoln Krause 

Robert Hannon 

Randolph Lee 

Ron Rogers 

Brian Hansel 

Sandra Leonard 

Jamie Schrader 

Cathy HartseU 

Susan Lockland 

William Sigmon 

Dennis Heame 

Kim Love 

Harrison Skinner 

Dan Heininger 

Tony Luper 

Mandy Spitler 

Jay Helvey 

Kevin Masland 

Alison Smith 

Sarah Herbert 

Jackson Marshall 

Katherin Smith 

Joyce Hill 

Michael McAllister 

Sims Sterba 

lasper Holland 

James McKinsey 

Wade Stokes 

Jeff Hunter 

Jeff Miller 

Fredenck von Dorn 

Troy Jackson 

Jean Mitchell 

Joseph Wescott 

Sara Johe 

Rudy Ogbum 

loseph West 

Elbert Johnson 

lerry I'.ivne 
Daniel Pearson 

Frank Whitney 

Jay Johnson 

Richard Wilkinson 

Bill Johnston 

Kenneth Pietnick 

Karen Wilson 

Richard Joyner 

Rick Puckett 

Robert Wilson 

Wes Kenney 
Margaret Kerfoot 

Alice Reid 

Jeff Worman 

Neil Rector 

Kathy Wright 


Emily Friggle 
Jeff Bilas 
Phil Davis 
Earl Hall 
Jerome Holmes 
Robert Jolly 
Lawrence Thayer 
Elisa Wolper 

David Cheshier 
Cathy Clay 
Bill Evans 
Robert Hoover 
Michael Knish 
Tim Metzler 
Star Muir 
Brian Nozolino 
Greg Smith 
Nora Smith 

Debate Team 

North Carolina 
Association of Educators 

Chris Bramel 

Lisa Bns-Bois 

Leslie Buchanan 

Gayla Carpenter 

Sandra Coles 

Ann Copeland 

Sharon Dedmon 

Carolyn Dukeshire 

Susan Eaton 

Lesa Fouts 

Barbara Fritz 

Mary Jo Cunni 




Paul Gardner 

Marsha Jones 

Barb Geiger 

Susan Kersker 

Resi ( .olding 

Mary Lipscomb 

Lynn Hardie 

Kathryn Livesay 

Nancy Harper 

Roy Marshall 

Ann Harvey 

Richard Marvin 

Debra House 

James McDougald 

Lisa Humphrey 

Janet Morales 

Mancy Isenhower 

David Morris 

Ellen lackson 

Doug O'Brien 

mothy Jamszewski 

Donna Ollis 

Debbie Jones 

Martha Otto 

Evelyn Pruitt 

Mary Reese 

Richard Rhodes 

Susan Shroyer 

Julia Summerlin 



Nancy le 
Lesli Van Li 
Julia Waddell 
Valerie Watsoi 
Tamara Williarr 
Frances Wilmar 
Mary Wooten 




Marty Bankhead 
Lynn Beaver 
Judy Bouldin 
Amy Cathey 
Douglas Comer 
Kathy Crowell 
Cynthia Crowther 
Karen Curtin 
Susan Daniel 

Doug Wilkens 


Ann Davis 

Murray Sink 

manda DeMouthe 

Alexis Smith 

Jayne Dyson 

Beverly Stamey 

Sharon Falls 

John Vann 

Tamara Garrett 

Geoffrey Walters 

Thomas Hoke 

Phil Warshauer 

Sue Jones 

Allison Watson 

Accounting (Society 

John Acker 
Blake Atkins 

Jeff Batts 

Thomas Bell 

Kurt Bolin 

Sarah Bonner 

Nancy Bramel 

Hughlene Burton 

[ocelvn Burton 

Charles Caldwell 

John Carpenter 

Jack Cathey 

David Cline 

Jane Danieley 

Jack Davis 

Kim Deaton 

Scott Deloach 

Edward Dodson 

Donna Douglas 

Tammy Dull 

Gil Simmonetti 


Jon Dumond 

Rob Lundren 

Jim Ferency 

Stephen Marano 

Nelson Forrester 

Ray McCallister 

Jeff Goodman 

Nancy McClellan 

Theresa Hall 

Michael McNamara 

Terry Hammond 

Jim McKee 

George Hart 

Stephanie Menking 

Mark Hocker 

Noland Mewbom 

Leslie Holcomb 

Bob Morgan 
Bob Morrison 

Alfred Irving 

Donny Jackson 

John Nakashian 

John Jameson 

Terry Nail 

Michael Jeske 

Emily Neese 

Tom Johnstone 

Meg Page 

David Jones 

Debra Porter 

Ken Jones 

Cindie Rusnak 

Kevin King 

Ken Scalf 

Jeff Kote 

Lisa Schwinn 

Chuck Kraft 

Melodie Simmons 

Carol Leuchtenberger 

Duke Slaughter 

Colleen Stoll 

Lisa Talley 

Ronald Thomas 

George Thomason 

Mike Twilley 

Bob Ventresca 

Margaret Wall 

Michael Wallach 

Jane Watson 
John Weatherman 

Joy White 
Kathy Wicklund 

Myra Withers 

Danna Wortman 

Bob Yeager 


(Society of Physics Students 

Enc Snow 

Blaze Bartol 
Nancy Byrd 
Pam Carter 
Lawrence De LaPla 
Terrence De Lyon 
Elizabeth Denning 
Tony Haynes 
James McGiU 
Diane Solenberger 
William Stewart 
Dennis Tabor 
Barbara Williams 

7^7 Dan Thomas 
Debra Alston 
Amy Bamett 
Catherine Brvan 
Kathv Crowell 
Nancy Cutrell 
Sharon Dedmon 
Ruth De Lapp 
Quentin Ellis 
Angela Elmore 
Deborah Farmer 
Sandra Griffin 
Brvan Hill 
Mannda Keck 
Beth Mast 
Lvnn Will 
Helen Revelle 
Barbara Schmaeb 


-nothv Wile 
rry William 

Sociology Club 


Bob Dunn 

Edwyn Chamberlain 


Robin Gamble 

David Gibbon 

Edward Hasker 

Cleve Morgan 

Paul Murphy 

Tom Pierce 

Fred Reinfield 

Karl Schlechter 

Laurence Th, 


harlton Owensby 


Patty Cheek 

Robert Coleman 

Robert Glover 

Tom Laraway 

Dennis Tabor 

Mark Warren 

John Watson 

Bruce Wellmon 

Chess Club 

Hb Sr ¥ Zr [ij> Mo fc Ru ft Pd Ag Cd Jin ^Sn & I To J n 
Ct Bo Lo HI To VV Re Of jr ft Au Hg fl Pb 8 jfe] Al 

American Chemical 


Kim Albea 

Carol Bishop 

Cathy Burgess 

Lu Dodson 

Susan Garrett 

Sue Haller 

Katy Harris 

Sarah Heuermar 

Laurie Hicks 

Karen Hills 

Sue Hochztetler 

Cindy Johnson 

Gail Marjoram 

Karen Muldowne' 

Missy O'Brien ' 

Greg Adams 

Brandon Harrell 

Charles Reeves 

Hayes Thomas 
Brad Walker 

Jim Atherton 

Tim Hileman 

Tim Reese 

Marty Bankhead 

Norm Holmes 

John Rodgers 

Doug Brady 

Rich Howell 

Mark Rodgers 

Gene Garett 

Tim Kafer 

David Sanders 

Rex Gillette 

Martin Kerns 

Andy Shuford 

Mike Graybeal 

Wallie Powell 

Tom Snell 

Qugby Club 

Andy Chrzanowski 

Karate Club 

Howard Chung 

Van Bntt 

Bob Graff 

Head Instructor 


Bill Bntt 
Mary Even; 
sistant Instructors 


Andy Alcock 

Lu Dodson 

Cindy Johnson 

Mark Nelson 

Robert Barbera 

Mark Drusdow 

Jay Johnson 

Laurie Parendes 

Patty Bell 

Whit Dunham 

Annette Kavanaugh 

Janine Paul 

Fred Berry 

Bill Dunne 

Bill Kehr 

Leigh Ann Propst 

Ed Blake 

Chris Dyer 

John Kuzmier 

Charlie Richman 

Tim Blanc 

Jeannie Eldridge 

Chris Larsen 

Herman Schmid 

Sharon Boothe 

Hill Evans 

Brian Legarkis 

Mark Sinness 

Marie Bowles 

Victor Faccinto 

Joie Lewis 

Steve Spencer 

Lisa Brothers 

Mark Farmer 

Rob Lundgren 

Jim Steintrager 

Alex Brown 

Rich Flower 

Scott MacFadvn 

John Summerson 

Tirn Byal 

Thomas Fryar 
David Fuller 

Sara Manning 

Chris Swedker 

Greg Byrd 

Jeff Marsden 

Al Swindle 

Mary Scott Campbell 

John Gogel 
David Goldring 

Ken Matich 

Mike Towery 

Kevin Carpenter 

Don Matthews 

Steve Valentine 

Mynell Clark 

Steve Hansen 

Kathryn Nilhous 

Geoff Walters 

Terry Cockerham 

Victor Hastings 

Frances Mitchell 

Larry Weisner 

Gary Cook 

Jim Hauser 

Dan Monaco 

Kelly Williams 

Tommy Crawley 

Scott Hudson 

Frankie Moore 

Sean Williams 

Bayard DeLouche 

Steve Hyatt 

Ruth Mullen 

Outing Club 

Cathy Wright 

Stuart Moore 

Bowling Club 

B m m umj i 

Rifle Team 

Ronald Rogers 


Rockv Bradsher 

Randall Combs 

James Williams Johnston 

James Marshall 

Peter Schumsky 

I Ken Francis 

mwmmwas s.djackson 

John Lazarchick 
Frankie Moore 
J Mark Rhodes 
I Tom Rice 
5 Lackhart Simpson 
I Bill Snodgrass 
Bo Stewart 
Gary Williams 

Wrestling Club 

wIiml It 9m> 




Jane Almon 

Nick Alsop 

Bobby Beck 

Debbie Bennett 

Margaret Brandt 

David Brantley 

Cynthia Bryan 

Anthony Bun-el] 

David Buxbaum 

Audrey Cabe 

Dottie Carter 

Jim Cater 

Patty Cheek 

Dave Cobb 

Nancy Cutrell 

Mark Damon 

Joe Davis 

Bob Dunn 

Laura Eaton 

lyn Gamer 

David Gibbon 

Susan Griffith 


Bill Heimer 

Lydia Johnson 

Paul Kidder 

Steve Loftis 

Kathleen McKinney 

Suzy Millwood 

Dennis Murphy 

Ray Nelson 

Pnssy Norwood 

Pam Patnck 

Tom Pierce 

Kim Perry 
Alice Reid 

Cole Richman 
Dave Rulon 

David Smith 

Doug Samsen 

Tom Steen 

Gordon Thompson 

Tom Walsh 

Doug Wells 

Alan Winesett 

Walter Collett 

Kenneth Herring 

Ira Lackey, Jr. 

Aubrey Martin 
Gerard McNeill 

Darryl Robinson 
Hoover Royals 

Philip Stewart 
Terence Swindle 


n l p ti fi phi n l p ti n 


cfl l p n a s i o n a p ti 

John Acker 
Chuck Averre 
Hank Bassett 

Jay Beard 
Charles Berry 
James Bissette 

Steve Brown 
Jack Campbell 
Scott Chapman 
Bud Chnstman 

Chip Clarke 
Stan Clarkson 



Mike Conrads 
BUI Corbett 

Moye Cozart 

Dave Crass 

Rob Crittenden 

Jeff Cyr 

Les Dooley 

Cliff Edahl 

Mike Garcia 

John Geissinger 

Mike Goodman 

Andy Haan 

Sam Hanna 

John Hendler 

Ben Hodge 

Bill Johnston 

Jim Kusel 

John Kuzmier 

Charlie Leonard 

John Martin 

John McCall 

Joe McCullough 

John McNair 

Noland Mewbom 

Jimmy Michael 

Chuck Miller 

John Molesworth 

John Morrice 

Dean Murphy 

John Muse 

Rick Robey 

Todd Selden 

Duke Slaughter 

Dave Smith 

Roy Smith 

Charlie Vaughan 

John Vine 

Chris Ward 

Jonathan Warren 

Joe West 

Bob Wheatley 

Jim Wheaton 

Perry Williams 

Craig Wolff 

Luke Adrian 

Paul Adrian 

Brian Anderson 

William Baker 

Gregory Barrow 

Paul Benz 

Wolfgang Bergman 

Stephen BerUn 


Jim Bradly 

Kenneth Bramlert. Jr 

William Camp 

Ted Canary 
John Chapman 
Gene Clouse 


Chris Creech 
Lance David 

Scott Davis 
David Dowie 
Quentin Ellis 
Charles Faig 
ton Faison 

hard Feather 

thy Gannon, 

es Gordo 



Jeff Greenberg 

Jim Greenwell 

Mark Hanes 

Scott Hams 

James Helvey, III 

William Higgins 

Gary Hill 

Tim Hull 

Paul Kidder 

Patrick Laughlin 

John Lazarchick 

Orlando Lugo 

John McCabe 

John McCavoh 

Martin McHugh 

David Madigan 

)avid Middleton, III 

George Minot, in 

Neil Newberry 

Brad Nix 

Douglas O'Brien 

Eric Osbom 

David Patterson 

Jeffrey Peraldo 

Glenn Quintana 

Richard Spaulding, Jr 

Louis Stnckler 

Danny Thomas 

Richard Von Dom 

Herbert Wayne, III 

Marcus Weible 

Paul Weir 
Joseph Wescott 
Mark Wilsmann 
Robert Zweier 


gmifl sioMfl ph 

Brooke Carter 

Billy Clarke 

Kevin Cosgrove 

Chris Diesing 

James Z. Eakes 

James Fargis 

Michael Hastings 

Jeff Heitmann 

Craig Jurden 

David Koontz 

Bradley Mack 

Michael Mack 

Kevin McDermott 

David McDonald 

Jeff McFadden 

Louis Meyer 

Frank Morris 

Commander Bob Mornso 

Scott Morrison 

Bob Owen 
Michael Pontan 

Joe Riggsbee 
Grant Shingleton 
Nathan Sikes 
Gibson Smith 
Frederick Hans Ubersede 
Scott Williams 
Dave Willson 

Roger Younts 

Ken Zecchini 

Beth Anderson 

Valinda Barrett 

Chris Bramel 

Nancy Bramel 

Carole Buchanan 

Martha Clarke 

Carol Conrad 

Ann Copeland 

Cindy Davis 

Amanda DeMouthe 

Teresa Ercoline 

Sue Gall 

Lee Langley 

Sarah Linder 

Alice Mangun 

Nancy McClellan 

Marlene Moffitt 

Jayne Moore 

Linda Morton 

Bonny Petree 

Kathy Robins 

Sue Sanders 

Rosanna Shafer 

Lynn Singleton 

Rena Zeya 

Len Anthony 

Thomas Bell 

Reggie Blackbur 

Don Bland 

Bob Boswell 

Kirby Bowen 

Johnson Britt 

Todd Brown 

Dave Buhler 

Joey BuUock 

Kyle Burch 

David Burgess 

Webb Campbel 

Peter Cooper 

Jim Crandall 
Jimmy Darden 

Jon Dean 

Bohead Drew 

Claus Foerster 

Glenn Funk 

Ed Gehrke 

Tom Glass 

David Graham 

Terry Grant 

Scott Griffin 

Willie Hanes 

David Harrell 

Mike Henderson 

Frank Hinman 

Ed Hurdle 

Chris Larsen 

Buddy Marion 

Rik Maxey 

Tim McGlue 

Bob Morgan 

Charlie Murphy 

Jerry Myers 

Jim Norvell 

David Norwood 

Russ Oakley 

Mark Roberts 

Charles Ruch 

Kevin Ryan 
Bruce Sinden 
John Stubbs 
Tony Sussman 

Ben Sutton 
Rob Thornton 
David Warren 

Mark Wells 
Frank Whitney 
Sam Willians 

<K fi P P fl ALPHA 

j m umm 

_» >y^> 

% f) P P fl S I M fl 


David Albntton 
Blake Atkins 

Bill Baker 
Ted Barringer 
Charlie Bell 
Danny Boyce 

Bill Boyle 

Mike Branton 

Claude Bndger 

Dickson Bndger 

Bill Brigham 

Cliff Britt 

Tom Burnett 

Andy Clark 

David Daniels 

John Doss 
Rob Draughon 

Ace Ellis 
Ken Etheridge 

Alan Farfour 
John Gardner 
Dwayne Hall 
Frank Hancock 
George Hart 

Al Hill 

Tim Holland 

Fred Hodges 

Bill Hough 

John Hunt 

Jeff Jeter 

Jim Johnson 

Warwick Johnston 

David Jones 

Mike Jones 

Jay Kepley 

Matt King 

Tom Laraway 

David Leland 

Logan McConnell 

Jim McKee 

Bill Miller 

Richard Moore 

Robert Morgan 

Everette Murphrey 

Bill Nance 

Jack Nance 

Steve Nelson 

Kent Newsome 

Warren Newton 

Mike Noel 

Sam Page 

Brad Payne 

Joe Petrone 

Tim Planchin 

Jim Proffitt 

Charles Reaves 

Kemp Reece 

Scott Robinson 

John Rodgers 

Cliff Rogers 

John Rote 

Mike Sears 

Allen Smith 

Jimmy Strickland 

Joey Wagstaff 

Tom Walsh 
Phil Warshauer 

Ken Weaver 

Gary Whitaker 

Warren Woodard 

Kelly Wrenn 

Robert Wrenn 

David Wallover 


Kevin Amigh 

James Atherton 

Scott Austin 

Cliff Campbell 

Pete Corngan 

Johnny Dumond 

Tom Fagan 

John Fosina 

Kevin Freeman 

John French 

loel Gilbreath 

Les Grady 

Ken Gwynn 

Jim Harding 

John Healy 

Brian Heelan 

Rob Hochuli 

Rich HoweU 

Bob Humphries 

Jim Judson 

Tom Kieffer 

Randy Kushma 

Jeff Macintosh 

lohn E. Mason 

Dave McAvoy 

Joe McSween 

Mike Meyer 

John Millican 

Armand Molino 

Gary Monroe 

Frankie Moore 

Jeff Morns 

Lem Motlow 

Nelson Murphv 

Mike Nicolais 

Dan Noakes 

Chris Pappas 

Chuck Petzinger 

Bill Pixley 

Steve Poole 

Gary Porter 

lohn Rilling 

Ryland Roane 

Bob Ryan 
Robert Sasser 
Chris Sheaffer 
Gary Sue 
Billy Tsintzos 
Chuck Walkie 

Phil Wall 

Mike Wallach 

Howard Williams 

Drew Wilson 

Vance Yoakum 

<l fl Mb D fl C HI ilL Pll fl 

O ft [ Q fl P S I P tl 

Thomas Alstin Cyrus Gwyn 

Bobby Brewington Ronald Mattison 

Ivan Mullins 
Kenneth Perry 

Bob Bayliss 

Steve Blanton 

Keith Bndges 

John Brodenck 

Steve Bunker 

John BurweU 

Bill Cabey 

John Carpenter 

Kevin Carpenter 

Jeff Carter 

Gary Casey 

Steve Cazalet 

Curtis Coleman 

Randall Combs 

Marc Cosentino 

Jack Davis 

Van Denton 

Brad Epps 
Greg Frisby 
Dave Fuller 
Rex Gillette 
Bill Cortner 
Stan Greene 
Tim Hileman 
Norman Holmes 
Troy Jackson 
Tim Kafer 
Bob Kemer 

Jeff Kole 

Mark Krom 

David Lee 

Craig Marshall 

Don McDuffie 

Scott McEwen 

Mill Miller 

Rusty Miller 

Jeff Mitchell 

Bill Montgomery 

Steve Morano 

Bob Morris 

Chris Ng 

Doug Peeler 

George Price 

Dan Proctor 

Mike Quinn 

Bob Reagan 

Jim Reiman 

Gregg Reynolds 

Keith Ripley 

Gil Roberts 

C.B Roe 

Charlie Rohrer 
Ken Scalf 
Robert Shaw 
Andy Shuford 
Joey Spenser 

Tom Stolz 
Marian Swartz 
Mark Swintek 
Hayes Thomas 
Brian Trumbore 

Whit Walker 
Geoffrey Walters 
Steve Welty 
Dwight West 
John Wincov 
Jim Womble 
Jeff Ziennberg 

9 1 K fl P P f) <fl L P tl II 

s i q n a 

c ti 

Sandy Abbott 

John Bean 

Gil Becker 

John Bell 

John Bennet 

Rick Bingham 
Greg Byrd 
Jim Cain 

Bo Campbell 
Steve Clark 
Bob Clarke 
Sam Cox 
David Craig 
Jim Cutter 

Hank Davies 

Bobby Dortch 
Jay Dunlap 

VVhitt Dunham 

Ed Eldndge 

Travis Eldndge 

Doug Eshenck 

Duke Finley 

Mark Flemming 

Nelson Forrester 

Steve Fuller 

John Gannon 

Gene Garrett 

Will Goley 

Bob Graff 

Greg Hampton 

Jeff Harper 

Jeff Hide 

Hal Hill 

lohn Hunter 

Chris Kirby 

Steve Lange 

Marshall Lee 

Bill Leisy 

Scott Long 

Rob Lundgren 

Tim McKeever 

Scott McNulty 

Dennis Manning 

Charlie Maxim 

Bob Meier 
Marty Mustian 
Jim Nussbaum 
Matt Ohl 
Larry Owens 
Mike Pappas 
Richard Pearson 

Charlie Prothro 

Chip Reed 

Dave Richardson 

Mark Riley 

John Rusher 

Wade Sample 

Gil Simonetti 

Scott Smith 

Mike Stubeck 

Don Swing 

Mike Tatum 

Tom Turlington 

Dave Wells 

Tim Wilcox 

Rush Wilson 

Dud Witt 

Reid Acree 

David Alpeter 

Glen Andrews 

W Doak Bamhardt 

Jeffrey Batts 



Jeffrey Bedford 

Gregg Bundschuh 

Kip Buss 

Glenn Campbell 

Greg Carter 

Robert Carter 

Malcolm Clarke 

Buck Cochran 

Jack Collins 

Rob Coulthard 

Michael DePapas 

David DeWeese 

Steven Donahoe 

Edward Dovin 

James Ferency 

Scott Frankum 

Hayden Harrell 

John Hayes 

Glenn Heath 

Stpehen Horvath 

Loy Jeffords 

Michael Jeske 

Richard Joyner 

Jonathan Laymon 

Joe Leighton 
Steven Lineberger 


De I Lttle 

Scott Magrudger 

William Marsh 

Burce McCreedy 

Mark Meyer 

Mark Myers 

Kurt Navratil 

Paul Noone 

Scott Olson 

Stephen Pahides 

Rich Parks 

Joseph Payne, Jr. 

Joseph Philbnck 

Colin Pitcairn 

Thomas Pitler 

Chip Redden 

David Robertson 

David Rowell 

Gary Scott 

Walter Sherril 

Nat Smith 

Sims Sterba 

Tracy Stines 

Kevin Storms 

Staale Swift 

Mark Tetsworth 

Robert Thompson 

Michael Twilley 

Andrew Tynes 

Steven Valji 

Mark Wagner 

Frank Warren 

Chip Weaver 

David Weymer 

Robert Yeager 

Jay Youmans 

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ft fl 


Bernard Brophy III 

Dwayne Burgess 

Dean Coulopoulos 

Johnny Dawkins III 

Mark Farmer 

Edgar Estes Folk IV 

Gregory Helm 

John G. Holevas 

John Humphrey 

Walter Jordan 

Peter Kruver 
Michael Lands 
David Parsons 
Jeffrey Schutt 

David Shaw 

loseph Sterner 

Andrew Utter 

Drew Wyatt 

Charles Yohn III 

Jim Acton 
Gregg Adams 
Rick Bassett 
Bill Baumler 

Ken Bell 

Scott Benfield 

Alan Bourque 

Scott Broyles 

Mike Cantin 

Robby Coleman 

Dave Cox 

Don Davis 

Bayard De Loache 

Steve Dixon 

Roger Durham 

Jim Fredericks 

Mike GaUo 
Steve Garfinkel 

Jack Gebbie 

Kevin Grealey 

Parker Grannis 

Tom Griffin 

Ben Grumbles 

Stan Guthrie 

Hank Heim 

Hadley Hemdel 

Lecil Henderson 



Mike Hicks 

Randy Husbands 

Alfred Irving 

Larry James 

Bob Jankowski 

Paul Joyce 

Vince Kieman 

Ron Knight 

James Lee 
Steve Long 
Rich Marvin 
Ken Mahch 
Don Matthews 
ames McDougald 
Martin Moke 
Chns Mowry 
Dave Myers 
Kevin Nelson 

Bill Nickell 
Brian Nozolino 

Rich Ozols 
Dave Pemberton 



Neil Rector 
Kurt Rosell 

Dave Ross 
Robby Roux 
Brad Rufty 
Jeff Safrit 
Scott Sapp 
Charlie Sarter 
Brad Schulz 

Jerry Sieg 

John Sinden 

Dave Sozio 

Jack Spotts 

Jesse Suit 

Ronnie Townsend 

Mike Towery 

Bob Troxler 

Doug Wilkins 

Nate Williams 

<f tl t 1 fl C 11 

Pam Baldecchi 
PrisciUa BaU 
Anne Beach 
Beth Blaylock 
Martha Blevins 
Carol Bolton 
Leanne Book 
Robyn Bowers 

Sara Boyles 

Leslie Buchanan 

Danise Busic 

Jane Clarkson 

Marghente Clemenl 

Sandy Coles 

Cindy Corey 

Cathy Craig 

Cindy Craig 

Mary Jo Cunninghai 

Anna Deal 

Kelly Deaton 

Ruth Delapp 

Julie Elkins 

Lysle Evans 

Chris Franklin 

Susan Freibert 

Tami Garrett 

Amy Goers 

Resi Golding 

Sue Gordon 

Lisa Gossett 

Charlotte Grant 

Blair Griffith 

Carol Gwaltney 

Ginnie Harvin 

Beth Hawke 

Esther Hill 

LiUian Hill 

Allison Hmes 

Laura Hutchinson 

Melanie Jarrett 

Jane Jetfries 

Sara Johe 

Anne Johnson 

Debbie Jones 

Mary Nash Kelly 

Valerie Leadbetter 

Pam LoUey 

Stacey Luks 

Marcy Monyek 

Laura Murray 

Ceha Niepold 

Linda Owen 

Meg Page 
Lisa Patterson 
Pam Parker 
Beverly Perry 
Beth Peterson 

Anne Phelps 

Lisa Quisenberry 

Beth Riggs 

Dana Seidel 

Debbie Scheaffer 

Karen Sherwood 

Renee Simpson 

Mary Eliza Smith 

Daphne Sneed 

Donna Snipes 

Lisa Talley 

Susan Templeton 

Grace Terry 
Kelly Timberl'ake 
Carne Wall 
Molly Welles 
Jean Winston 
Dana Wortman 


Laura Beals 
Laura Eaton 
Lydia Eden 
non Falls 
• Fontaine 

Beth Graham 
Lisa Humphrey 

Sam Hunter 
Cindy Johnson 
.ee Ann Kennedy 

Mary Lucke 

Sally Manning 

Rosanna Mentzer 

Laurie Parendes 

Tami Patrick 

Thyra Rauch 
Barbara Schmaelzle 
Alexis Smith 
Kathy Smith 
Julia Waddell 


, . 

SIM 11 

Minam Andrews 

Ann Baldwin 

Carol Barbee 

Jackie Bates 

Missy Barnes 

Cindy Beatry 

Lynn Beaver 

Betsy Bell 

Beth Boone 

Janice Bradley 

Catherine Burroughs 

Janet Bynum 

Lynette Cardwell 

Kim Coiner 

Kim Collins 

Patty Connelly 

Susan Copeland 

C-G. Cummings 

Leslie Danese 

Susan Davis 

Stephanie Decker 



Page Dickson 

Janet Dunn 

Susan Eaton 

Cynthia Evans 

Amy Fincher 

Tina Fulford 

Lisa Fouts 

Tnsh Garrison 

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Sarah Graham 

Sara Gurry 

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Cynthia Hanna 

Diane Hanson 

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Carol Stanley 

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Brenda Swan 

Elyn Sykes 

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Nell White 
Niki Whitlev 


Amy Bamett 

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Elaine Trever 
Tricia Vecellio 

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Yoshiko Wakabayashi 

Betsy Wakefield 

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Valerie Watson 

Tammy Williams 

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Sherry Wright 



Beth Anderson 

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Cindie Rusnak 

Flip Smith 

Rosanne Spearmar 

Mandy Spitler 

Toni Tyree 

Pam Veeder 

Allison Watson 

Joy White 

Martha Wooten 

Otie Yutz 




iHTf bruhom union °f DiLfimriTcs 



Gone National 

Time To 

Do Something. 

Four Years 

Of Nothing. 

Majored, Liber 

In Everything 

Equipped To 

Go Nowhere. 

McLean Said 

No Go. 

U here k 

Valhalla. Toto, 

We're Not 

In Kansas 


Entertaining Thoughts 

Simultaneous, Spontane 

Mystical Revelation. 

No More 

Dixie Chicken. 


Ricky Ricardo. 

Nix On 

One Bourbon 

One Scotch 

One Beer. 

Sheepskin In 

Hand We 

Can. Cot 

A Loan. 

Bought A 

Skyscraper. Took 

An Ad 

In The 

Sunday Times. 
For Sale: 
The Creative 
Pursuit Of 
Nothing. Hello 
Chrysler Corp. 
Here. Need 
Two New 
Cars To 
Run On 
Nothing and 
Go Nowhere. 
Hello. HEW 
Here. Need 
5000 Non- 
Copying Xerox 


In Demand. 

In The 

Money. FAME. 

Calling Card: 

International Union 

Of Dilettantes 

Yankee Chick 


Arrow Shirt 


Maybell Line 


Rock Formation 


Hi Renaissance 



P O T f fl 1 

q fl q l o 9 


WAum It 9m l$m& 


When delegates to the North Carolina Baptist Convention 
met last year in our city and decided that twelve of the 
thirty-six members of the University's Board of Trustees 
should be "Evangelical Christians", was it really a great 
step forward for the University? Or was it merely an act of 
acknowledging Wake Forest's diversifying student body? 
Or was it the first step toward autonomy? The decision was 
probably a mixture of each. 

The controversy with the Baptists didn't begin yesterday, 
or even within the last decade. A series of actions have 
irked the body, the earliest in 1838 and 1839 when visiting 
Baptist preachers complained of their treatment at the col- 
lege and discovered an outlet for whiskey a short distance 
from the campus. Like its successor, the University, the 
College was noted for intellectual independence and had a 
fairly good reputation along the Eastern Seaboard. In the 
1920s, the College's President, Dr. William Louis Poteat, 
became involved in the evolution controversy, taking an 
affirmative stand for its teaching. This displeased many of 
the North Carolina Baptists, as did the dancing controversy 
of 1957. The College and the Convention didn't see eye to 
eye on that one either, the convention arguing that the land 
of the campus should be devoted to the glory of God and 
that it couldn't be as long as dancing was permitted. 

Then, in 1976, the University accepted a $300,000 federal 

grant of which $70,000 was used to build a greenhouse. 
This bothered the Baptists, not the money so much, for 
Wake Forest had accepted grants before for instruction and 
research, but never for bricks and mortar. After much bic- 
kering it was decided to accept the grant but match it in 
another way so that it wouldn't appear a grant, but a part of 
a money-raising effort. 

For the last year it has been hinted that the convention 
would cut out ties to WFU, but didn't do so. Like a parent 
punishing an errant child the Convention has sought to 
deal with the University's growing independence. Using 
that analogy, Wake Forest is as any child should be: posses- 
sing many qualities of the parents, but representing a 
uniquely independent life. One must never suppress the 

If Wake Forest is to continue to grow and foster the ideals 
that have made it the great school it is, it must work for 
permanent solutions to the differences between those who 
gave life to the institution and those who inhabit it now. 
The move of the Convention last year was a compromise — 
one that should solve the situation temporarily. 

Will this be the final end? Will this improve relations? 
Will this satisfy both sides? How can one tell? One thing is 
for certain — like the evolution and dancing conflicts before 
it, this, too, should pass. 



I A \ 



P R £ J 


L E 

D I; N 

I : D \\ I \ G 

¥ I L { O N 

P R O V O | T 

O II \ 

G \\" I I. L I A \l 

¥ I L L I A R D J O Y N E R 



M. M A R 

L E A K E R E E C E 

D L A N O F V O \l L N D E A N F M E N 



L to R: Associate Dean Robert Dyer, Academic Counselor Pat Johnson, Assistant Dean Toby Hale 

T H O \l A \ 



\V I L I- I A \l 



DAVID \ I . I. E N C A R L O S O. 



\l \ R C A R E [ R B I: \ \| 



E D G \ K 

C H R 1 J T \1 A \ 

C H \ P I. \ I \ 

ii i: \ r y ft 



• '-i <.r- ; 


Standing: )ane Carmichael, Julius Corpening, Claudia Stitt, Wm. Joyner, Minta McNally, Robert Baker- Kneeling: Robert Mills, Craig Jackson 





ft R I \ \ G. W I I. I. I A \1 E. 

A U S T I N R A Y 


L A R R \ 


P A L \l I: R G R I F P I T H 


E D ¥ A R D R \l E \ R E J I A K 



'Qm&kimi ii 


L-R: Anne Marshall, David Weaver, Stanton Tefft, Jim 
Cornwell, Hetty Jo Brumbach. Not Shown: David Evans, 
E. Pendleton Banks 

Chairman — Dr. Stanton Tefft 


L-R: Victor Faccinto, Russell Sale, Ann Pollard, Wanda Kirby-Smith, Brian Legakis, Andrew Polk, Robert Knott. Not 
Shown: Gary Cook, Marvin Coats, Margaret Supplee Smith 



Bottom to top: Ronald V. Dimock, Jr., Sandra Jo Newell, Walter S. Flory, Peter D. Weigl, Gerald W. Esch, Mary Beth 
Thomas, Raymond E. Kuhn. Not Shown: Ralph D. Amen, Charles Allen, Thomas Olive 



Bottom to top: John Dimmick, James C. McDonald, Her- 
man E. Eure, Robert L. Sullivan, Hugo C. Lane, Ramunas 
Bigelis, R.L. Wyatt 

Chairman — Gerald W. Esch 

L-R: Glenn Clark, Jr., Steven Ewing, Delmer Hylton, Sayeste Daser, Olive Thomas, 
Lee Knight, Leon Cook, Jr., Jeanne Owen, Arun Dewasthali, Thomas Taylor, John 




-^1 , 3 IB- - J ^ 

L-R: John Nowell, Willie Hinze, Paul Gross, Wallace Baird, Ron Noftle 

L-R: Phillip Hamrick, Douglas Hounshell, Michael Thomas, Roger Hegstrom, Charles Jackels. Not Shown: Susan 
Jackels, Harry Miller 

Chairman — Wallace Baird 

C L A f J I C J 

L-R: Carl Harris, Laura Stone, Robert Ulery, Alice Hinckley, 
John Andronia 

Chairman — Robert Ulery 


L-R: Donald Frey, Michael Wyzan, John Moorhouse, Van Wagstaff, Claire Hammond, Dan Hammond. Not Shown: 
Hugh High 

* y v* 

L-R: John Litcher, Linda Nielsen, John Parker, Hermon Preseren, Len Robuge 


L-R: Joseph Milner, Pat Cunningham, Thomas Elmore, Susan 
Melville, J. Don Reeves 

Chairman — Joseph O. Milner 


Front Row, L-R: A.W. Kenion, David Brailow, Nancy Cotton, William Moss. Row 2: Mark Reynolds, Gilliam Overing, 
Dovle Fosso, Robert W. Lovett, Blanche Speer, Edward Lobb 


L-R: John Carter, Robert Shorter, Thomas Gossett, Lee H. Potter, William Wilson, Dillon 

Chairman — Wilmer D. Sanders 

G E R 


A N 

Front Row, L-R: Tom Mullen, Ed Hen- 
dricks, Alan Williams, Mike Sinclair, Cyc- 
lone Covey. Back Row: Howell Smith, Jim 
McDowell, David Hadley, Larry Palmer, 
Buck Yearns, Richard Zuber, Henry 
Stroupe. Not Pictured: Percival Perry, 
Richard Bamett, David L. Smiley. 

Chairman — Richard Zuber 

H I J T O R Y 


There are many among the faculty and 
students who claim to be loyal Deacons, 
but few have the proof like Dr. Henry 
Stroupe. Dr. Stroupe received his B.S. de- 
gree in Social Science from Wake Forest in 
1935. From 1935 to 1937 Dr. Stroupe was 
a graduate student assistant while study- 
ing for his M.A. in History. From 1937- 
1942 he loas working on his doctorate and 
teaching in the Wake Forest History de- 
partment. Dr. Stroupe served as a Navy 
officer from 1943 to 1946, but immediately 
thereafter returned to teaching at WF. In 
1961, when the Graduate School began, he 
was appointed its Dean. This fall, Dr. 
Stroupe took his first leave. The Howler 
interviewed our "truest Demon Deacon" 
and here's what he had to say. 

"In 1935, there were about 1000 stu- 
dents, all male, except for a few girls 
who were somehow connected with the 
faculty. There was only one girl in my 
graduating class, no blacks and only a 
few foreigners. President Kitchin was 
serving at the time. There were about 
twelve buildings on the old campus in 
1935. About one-half of the students 
lived off campus in boarding houses 
close by. There was no cafeteria so we 
had to find some kind of favorite eating 
establishment or boarding house. It 
cost about $12-$15 a month for food. 
Tuition was only around $150 a month. 
The faculty consisted of about 20 mem- 
bers who were all males, except the 
school nurse. Classes were held from 
Monday through Saturday at noon. A 
large portion of the students were pre- 
law or pre-med; there was no business 
school. I would say that the average 
student could be described as white, 
male, Baptist and from N.C. Very few 
students had cars, but there were good 
bus and train systems from Wake Forest 
to Durham or Raleigh. Girls were never 
allowed in the dormitories or in the 
boarding houses. 

"Charlie's Angels" 
"If a girl came up to visit you, she 
stayed in a tourist home. (A tourist 
home isn't exactly like a motel.) No fun 
began until Saturday afternoon. If you 
didn't have a steady girl, chances are 
you went down to "Uncle Charlie's 
Angel Farm." That's what we called 
Meredith College, because Charles 
Brewer was its president. There was no 
curfew for Wake Foresters, so most of 

the guys would catch a late train back to 
Wake Forest called the "Shoo-Fly Ex- 
press". If you didn't have a date, there 
was always one movie playing in town, 
of course only on Saturday nights. 
Dances couldn't be held on campus so 
the fraternities held dances in Durham 
or Raleigh. Pep rallies and bon fires 
were great social occasions back then. 
The two literary societies were some of 
the biggest organizations on campus. 
The B.S.U. was also one of the largest 
and most popular groups. George Grif- 
fin was its president. Now he is Dr. 
Griffin of the Religion department. The 
popularity of these groups died after 
radio, TV and stereos became popular. 
Chapel was mandatory 3 times a week. 
Dr. Poteat had retired by then, but he 
still taught Sunday School — to a 
packed auditorium every Sunday. The 
publications were the same in 1935 as 
they are now. The Howler had a page of 
jokes, an original short story, pages of 
pictures of the staff members' girl 
friends and a history of the year, writ- 
ten by the class historian-me. 

"Beating Carolina!" 
"In the 1920's baseball had been the 
most popular sport, but by 1935 football 
was gaining in popularity. In 1935 we 
had a good football team. We beat 
Carolina then too! N.C. State was our 
biggest rival, because it was .so close 
by. Baseball was the second most popu- 
lar sport, then basketball. Golf and ten- 
nis were both lower in popularity. I was 
on the tennis team then. We had to 
wear long white pants whenever we 
played, which got really hot sometimes. 
We had three cheerleaders in 1935. One 
of them was Jim Mason, who is now the 
Chairman of the Board of Trustees. The 
biggest sports event of the year was the 
Easter Monday baseball game with 
State in Raleigh. They used to close 
down all the offices and government 
buildings, so that everyone could come 
to the game. 

"Women and WFU" 
'There are certainly more women en- 
rolled here now than ever before. At 
one time, President Waite said he 
wanted to build a 10 foot high wall 
around campus, to keep the women off 
completely. He didn't even want them 
in the same church. The administration 
has to be more selective in choosing 
women, because of the housing situa- 

tion. I can remember a year, maybe in 
the 60's, when the editors of all three 
publications and the Student Govern- 
ment officers were all women. I would 
say that women at Wake Forest have 
changed apace with women 

"Quality not Quantity" 
"I am hopeful for the future of our 
relationship with the Baptist Conven- 
tion. In the next five years or so, we 
should be able to tell if the individual 
churches are going to support us, as I 
would hope they will. Every tribulation 
makes a stronger Wake Forest. If life is 
too easy — people become too weak. I 
do hope that Wake Forest will remain a 
small, liberal arts university, placing its 
emphasis on quality not quantity." 


L-R: John Sawyer, Richard Carmichael, Stephen Richters, Gaylord May, Ben Seelbinder, James Kuzmanovich, 
Marcellus Waddill 


L-R: Fredric Howard, Nirmal Devi, Graham May, Ellen Kirkman, John Baxley, Elmer Hayashi, Ivey Gentry 

Chairman — CPT. Ed Grant 

aptain Buck Wray j 
i (o the Military Sci 


HOWLER: How much military 
training do most R.O.T.C. pro- 
fessors have? 

WRAY: It varies quite a bit, de- 
pending on the rank. The cap- 
tains in the department have an 
average of 6-8 years of service. 
A major in the department has 
18 years of service and a colonel 
has 19 years of military service. 
HOWLER: What degree do 
most R.O.T.C. professors hold? 
WRAY: Again, it varies. Some 
have a Bachelor's while many, 
including myself, are working 
on a Master's. 

HOWLER: What field do most 
professors hold degrees in? 
WRAY: Most of the faculty hold 
degrees in business or counsel- 

HOWLER: How many men and 
women are in the program? Is 
there a R.O.T.C. "type"? 
WRAY: No, there are all kinds 
of people interested in the op- 
portunities we have to offer. 
Approximately 200 freshmen 
and sophomores are taking 
R.O.T.C. courses, though they 
are not enrolled in the program. 
At present, there are 215 men 
and 41 women in the program 
at Wake Eorest. 


Upper Row, L-R: CPT. Dave Walters, MAJ. Bill Waller, CPT. Ed Grant. 
Below: CPT. Buck Wray, CPT. Bob Lewis, SGM. Bobby Pounds 


I 1 ..-._,■' 

M U J I C 

L-R: Davidson Burgess, James Gallatin, Teresa Radomski, Christopher Giles, David Levy, Louis Goldstein, Lucille 
Harris, John Mochnick. Not Shown: Donna Mayer-Martin, Annette LeSiege 


L-R: Gregory D. Pritchard, Charles Lewis, Ralph 
Kennedy, Robert Helm 

Chairman — Gregory D. Pritchard 

P H I L O J O p H Y 



Front row, L-R: Sally Hutsler, William Hottinger, Dot 
Casey. Row 2: Leo Ellison, Gale Chamblee, Lynn Blount, 
Gail Sailer. Row 3: Don Bergey, Bill Dellastatious, Tommy 
Boone. Row 4: Jack Reieski, Paul Ribisl. Not Shown: Deb- 
bie David 

Chairman — William Hottinger 



P H Y I I C 

L-R: Eric Matthews, Kathy Brown, William Kerr, Robert Brehme, George Williams, Ysbrand Haven, Howard Shields 

Chairman — George Williams 


1 _ 

L-R: James Steintrager, Jon Reinhardt, C.H. Richards, Jr., Richard 
Sears, David Broyles, Robert Utley, Don Schoonmaker, Carl C. 

Chairman — Dr. James Steintrager 




Front Row, L-R: Anne Meinrath, Deborah Best, Jean Seeman, Robert Dufort. Row 2: David Hills, Robert Beck, Philippe 
Falkenberg, David Catron, Mark Meinrath. Not Shown: John Williams, Cecilia Solano, Charles Richman. 


L-R: E.W. Hamrick, John Collins, G. McLeod Bryan, J.W. Angell, Fred Horton, George Griffin, Carlton Mitchell, Ralph 
Wood. Not Shown: R.A. Dyer, Charles Talbert 


ixMmaMHa^MK'' W 


1 LSL 


i"i^ A, Z4 

LP 1 

^B H§h9 

fl Hil 




IB — 

Chairman — E.W. Hamrick 

Wake Forest Faculty Alumni 

Ever felt like your professor could nevei 

understand your problems as a Wake 

Forest student? Here's a list of Wake 

Forest Faculty Alumni and the type ot 

degree they received here. 

Charles M. Allen — B.S., MA. 

Richard C. Barnett — B.A. 

Donald B. Bergey — B.S., M.A. 

Deborah L. Best — B. A., M.A. 

George McLeod Bryan — B. A., M.A. 

Julian C. Burroughs Jr. — B.A. 

Richard D. Carmichael — B.S. 

Wallace Carroll — Litt. D. 

(WFU and Marquette) 

Thomas E. Dougherty |r. — B.A. 

John R. Earle — B.A. 

Thomas M. Elmore — B.A. 

Herman E. Eure — Ph.D. 

Ivey C. Gentry — B.S. 

George J. Griffin — B.A. 

David W. Hadley — B.A. 

J. Daniel Hammond — B.A. 

Carl V. Harris — B.A. 

Michael D. Hazen — M.A. 
Robert M. Helm — B.A. 
Patricia Adams Johnson — M.A. 
Charles M. Lewis — B.A. 
Carlton T. Mitchell — B.A. 
John Nowell — B.S. 
A. Thomas Olive — B.S. 
John E. Parker — B.A. 
Percival Perry — B.A. 
Ray H. Price — M.A. 
Beulah L. Raynor — M.A. 
Daniel J. Richman — M.A. A. 
John W. Sawyer — B.A., M.A. 
Donald O. Schoonmaker — B.A. 
Dorothy Jean Carter Seeman — B.A 
Bynum G. Shaw — B.A. 
Michael L. Sinclair — B.A. 
Henry Smith Stroupe — B.S., M.A. 
Olive S. Thomas — B.S. 
Robert L. Utley Jr. — B.A. 
Kathryn B. Williams — M.A. 
Edwin Graves Wilson — B.A. 
Frank B. Wood — B.A., M.A. 
Raymond L. Wyatt — B.S. 


L-R: Harry L. King, Kathleen Glenn, Julian Bueno, 
Frances Creighton, John Parker, Frank Whitchurch, Anne 
S. Tillett 

Chairman — Mary Frances Robinson 


L-R: Milorad Margitic, Candelas Newton, Sylvia Trellas, Bianca Artom, Gregorio Martin, Eva Rodtwitt, Shasta Bryant, 
Mary Frances Robinson 


Chairman — Philip J. Perricone 

L-R: Philip J. Perricone, Anne Marshall, John Earle, Patrick Con- 
over, Susan Ostrander, Bill Gulley. Not Shown: Jim Walter 

S O C I O L O G Y 




Front Row, L-R: Harold C. Tedford, Laura V. Rouzan 
Franklin R. Shirley, Michael D. Hazen. Row 2: David H 
Welker, Allan D. Louden, Donald H. Wolfe. Not Shown 
Jo May, Caroline Fullerton, Julian Burroughs 

Chairman — Donald H. Wolfe 



■(^mdt ®f i 

Rami Abeyewardene 

Surein Abevewardene 

Maynard AUen 

Debra Alston 

William Amaloni; 

SENIORS class of 1980 


Duwayne Amen 

Miriam Andrews 

Len Anthony 

Sharon Arnette 

Geri Arnold 

Mett Ausley, Jr. 

Edgar Baldrat 

Martin Bankhead 

Michael Batts 

William Baumler 

Robert Bayhss 

Anne Beach 
Laura Beals 
Cindy Beatty 
Lynn Beaver 
Bobby Beck 


Jane Karwoski 
Senior Politics 

Q. Where do you think the priorities of 
most students lie? 

A. Most people who come here know 
that this is an academic environment. 
Studying is a way of life here. Everyone 
studies here. When people come here, 
they understand that this is an aca- 
demic environment. 

B . I 

I'.regg IV, k 
Kay Beckett 
Joachim Beer 



Scott Benfield 
Rex Berrv 
Paul Bidwell 

Richard Bingham 
James Bissette 
Reginald Blackburn 

Jimmy Bland 
Minxy Bland 
Elizabeth Blaylo 
Dwight Blevins 
Sallv Blizzard 

Robert Boggs, Jr 
Kurt Bolin 
Sarah Bonner 
Mary Boone 
Judy Bouldin 

William Boyle 

Nancy Bramel 

David Brantley 

Kathryn Brantley 

Jennifer Brewer 

Elizabeth Brooks 

Susan Brooks 

Michael Broome 

Edwin Brown 

Thomas Brown 

Catharine Bryan 

Deborah Buchanan 

Bimey Bull 

Joseph Bullock 

Kyle Burch 

Frank Burgess 

Catherine Burroughs 

Jocelyn Burton 

Gregory Byrd 

Robin Byrd 
James Cain 
Charles Caldwell 
Lisa Calvert 
Kim Camp 

1 1 , Melod.e CampbeU 

Robert Campbell 

Thomas Canto 

Doris Carter 

Gerald Cassida 



Amy Cathey 
Jack Cathey 

Mary Chapman 
Patricia Cheek 

Michelle Chodnicki 
Harold Chnsrman 

Andrew Chrzanowski 
Wen-Wen Chu 
Steven Clark 
John Clarkson 
Marghente Clements 

Dean Clifford 
Margaret Cole 
Robert Coleman 
Sandra Coles 
Douglas Comer 

Jeff Coppage 
Kevin Cosgrove 
Cynthia Coulson 
Robert Coulthard 
Michael Cox 

Steven Cox 

Cathryn Craig 

David Crass 

Kathy Crowell 

Cynthia Crowther 

Cynthia Cummings 

Mary Jo Cunningham 

Nancy Cutrell 

Jim Cutter 

Kenneth Duke 

Clare Dulaney 

Whitney Dunham 

James Parker 

Senior Sociology (Noseguard) 
Q. What part of WFU will you re- 
member most? 

A. Of course I'll remember the football 
part, because that's where I spend most 
of my time, on the football field or in 
the team meetings. The people that I 
have met through the football program 
who helped me get a scholarship here 
will be remembered also. It has been a 
good experience over-all being here. 

John Durkin 
Duveen Strickland 

\.\\ nr I H sun 

Susan Eaton 
Cliff Edahl 
Sherry Ellis 

Brad Epps 
George Ervin 
Douglas Eshenck 

Mary Evers 
Thomas Eagan 

. Ferency 

Donald Flowers 
Jorge Font 

Aimee Fontaine 

Christine Franklin 

Kevin Freeman 

Susan Freibert 

Emily Friggle 

Barbara Fritz 
Anne Froger 
Gary Fuccillo 
David Fun- 
Samuel Gaines 

Christopher Gambill 

Michael Garcia 

Susan Garrett 

Tamara Garrett 


73 ~ \2 

Paul Gavenus 


[ "H 

Cindy Gibson 


m M 

Bobby Glover 

Rita Goad 


\ ~~ ^^m 

Amy Goers 

\ r 


Dawn Goldei 

Teresa Goldinj 

Karen Golunk, 

Jeffrey Goodmai 

Lisa Gosset 

Robert Graff 

David Graham 

Susan Grambow 

Bryan Greene 

Robert Gortner 

k iv*< 


h wkWk 

Charlotte Greenlee 
Blair Griffith 
Susan Griffith 
Gregory Griffin 
Thomas Griffin 

Betsy Guion 
Marcia Gulley 
Stephen Gurganus 
Joe Hamby 
Robert Hamilton 

Kent Hamnck 
James Harding 
Stephen Harsch 
Floyd Hartsell 
Suzanne Hawke 

Michael Hayes 
Tapi Hayrinen 
John Healy 

Courtney Heann 
Glenn Heath 
Jeffrey Heitman 

Greg Helm 
Barbara Helms 
Michael Henderson 

John Hendler 
Jane Hendnck 
Nancy Herbst 
Scott Higgins 
Newton High 

David Highfill 

Lisa Hill 

Lillian Hill 

Charles Hinson 

Robert Hochuli 

Thomas Hollis 
Norman Holmes 
Mary Honeycutt 
Shirley Horman 
Lisa Humphrey 

Edward Hurdle 

John Hunt 

Marie Hunter 

Laura Hutchinson 

Bernard Ingram 

Donald Jackson 

Amy Alexis James 

Ilisa Jenkins 

James Johnson 

Robert Jolly 

Kenneth Jones 

Marsha Jones 

William Jones 

Bruce Josey 

James Judson, Jr. 

*M i 



* J¥« 


Dennis Tabor 

Senior Physics and Chemistry 
Q. Does Wake Forest conform to the 
preconceived notions that you had be- 
fore coming here as a freshman? 
A. Yes, for the reasons that my father, 
mother, and brother went here and it's 
the only place I ever applied to. I ex- 
pected it to be hard, have a friendly at- 
mosphere, and have a beautiful cam- 
pus; all of which were realized, even 
down to the cute squirrels. 

Jane Karwoski 
William Katibah 
Mannda Keck 

tiM , 

William Kehr 
Mark Keller 
Paul Kidder 

Ivl i 

Vincent Kieman H 
Kevin King 
Lynn Knapp 

Randall Knapp 
Cynthia Knight 
Joy Knox 

Jeffrey Kole 
Charles Kraft 
Richard Kuczynski 
John Kuzmier 
Chnstopher Larsen 

Eric Law 
Barry Lawing 
Thomas Laraway 
Linda Lee 

Sandra Leonard 


Thomas Lewis 

Sarah Linder 

Mary Lipscomb 

Marilyn Little 

Pam Lolley 

James Long 

Steve Long 

Patricia Lovell 

Mary Lucke 

Robert Lundgren 

Susan Lyerly 
Suzy Mabe 

Clegg Mabry 
Jeff Macintosh 
Sally Manning 

Aubrey Martin 

Rich Marvin 

Cynthia Massey 

Beth Mast 

Nadine Matteson 

Lewis Matthews 
John McCall, Ir. 
Logan McConell 
Joseph McCuIIough 
David McDonald 

Timothy McGlu 
Mary McLea 

* yy*x 


Rosanna Mentzer 
Louis Meyer 
David Miller 
Mill Miller 
Robert Mills 

Sandra Mills 
Jeffrey Mitchell 
Martin Moke 
William Montgoi 
Marcia Monyek 

Mary Moorman 
Janet Morales 
James Morgan 
John Momce 
Jeffrey Morns 

Robert Morrison 
Dennis Murphy 
Martin Mustian, 
Barbee Myers 
Gina Myers 

Jerry Myers 

Susan Myers 

hn Nakashian 

Terry Nail 

Alicia Nance 

Kevin Nelson 

William Nickel! 
Ceha Niepold 

David Norwood 

Andrew Nystrom 

Russell Oakley 

Matthew Ohl 

Theodore Oswald 

Elizabeth Page 

Fernando Pardc 

Laune Parendes 

Debora Parks 

Tamara Patrick 

Joseph Payne, Jr. 

Terry Payne 

Beverly Perry 

Elizabeth Peterson 

David Pfohl 

Thomas Pitler 

Colin Pitcairn 

t yy«v 

Robb Saunders 
Senior Biology 

Q. Where do the priorities of most stu- 
dents He? 

A. Most students came here for an edu- 
cation; if they hadn't wanted a good 
education they would have gone 
somewhere else with a more social at- 
mosphere. . . . academics is most im- 
portant. Atheletics and social gather- 
ings take second precedence to 
academia, but they are available to stu- 
dents when they desire them. The so- 
cial activities on campus are instrumen- 
tal in providing a means by which aca- 
demic tension(s) and frustration(s) can 
be alleviated. 

Debra Porter 
Lvnwood Powell 

Dan Proctor 
Charles Prothr 
Ellen Pruitt 

Evelyn Pruitt 
Margaret Quinn 
Edward Raliski 

Kathy Reagan 
Neil Rector 
Charles Redde 

Helen ReveUe 
Gregg Reynolds 
Doug Rhodes 

Richard Rhodes 
John Riddell 
Elaine Rihtarchik 
Mark Riley 
John Rilling 



Richard Robey 

Stuart Robinson 

Dorothy Rogers 

Ginny Ross 

Hoover Royals 

Brad Rutty 
George Rush 
John Rusher 
Jeffrey Safrit 
Wade Sample 

Doug Sams 
Ken Scalf 
David Schamens 
Bradley Schmidt 

Kathryn Scott 


Justin Scroggs 

Debroah Sheaffer 

Susan Sheann 

Donna Shelton 

Karen Sherwood 

Richard Shoaf 

Susan Shroyer 


Amy Siemer 

Robert Sikes 
Mark Simmons 
lohn Sinden 
Murray Sink 
Alexis Smith 



Allen Smith 
Donna Smith 
Kelle Smith 
Norns Smith 
Phillipa Smith 

Lisa Snider 
Sharon Snow 
Harrv Snyder 
Lesley Soto 
David Sozio 

» Spearm 
Beverly Stamey 
John Stamey 
Emily Stanley 
Thomas Steen 

^K ■"■"- ■--■■■■. ■ ,;; -- 

Stephanie Steffan 

land Stephen^ 

Randy Stoltz 

Thomas Stolz 

Stalana Storms 

Linda Stowe 

Louis Strickler 

Samuel Sue 

Nell Summerlin 

Bruce Summers 


John Swintek 

Dennis Tabor 

Lisa Talley 

Taylor Dancy 

Myles Taylor 

Susan Templeton 

David Terry 

Antoinette Thomas 

Ronald Thomas 

Lisa Thompson 

De De Thornton 

Elaine Trever 

Evelyn Tribble 

Thomas Trone 

Bnan Trumbore 

i i\ ii 


Kym Glover 
Senior English 

Q. Ten years from now what will you 
remember most about WFU? 
A. I guess I'll remember the people I've 
met and the friends I've made. The 
classes are almost as important but not 
quite. In classes, the knowledge that I 
gain is objective and available 
elsewhere, while the people are one of a 

Q. Where do priorities lie? 
A. I don't think that the first priority 
with most students lies in studies. But I 
do think people who come to WFU 
want to grow up in a way here that they 
can't find somewhere else. The com- 
mitment, then, is to growing first, with 
learning in classes one important phase 
of this process. 

Susan Uhland 

Sharon Valji 
John Vine 

Tina Vogel 
Julia Waddell 
Marshal] Walker 

Cathy Wall 

/Margaret Wall 

Thomas Walsh 
Mark Ward 
Pamela Ware 
Philip Warshauer 
Allison Watson 

Elizabeth Weese 
Marcus Weibel 
Larry Weisner 
Bruce Wellmon 
David Wells 


Douglas Wells 

Mark Wells 

Joseph West 

Garry Whitaker 

Martha White 

a, /y<*<i 


JUNIORS class of 1981 

Beth Abels 

John Acker 

Patricia Adams 

Luke Adrian 

Thomas Albntton 

]ill Allen 

Ray Allen 

Ricky Allred 

Beverly Alston 

Brian Anderson 

Glen Andrews 

Sherry Angell 

Stacey Armstrong 

Pnscilla Ashbum 

Millicent Austell 
David Bagby 
Paul Bailey 
William Baker 
Carol Barbee 
Stephen Bare 
Walter Barger 

Valinda Barrett 

David Barnes 

Laurie Barnes 

Amy Bamett 

Janet Bates 

Dan Barrett 

Frank Barry 

Jackie Bates 
Janice Bradley 
Anne Beard 
John Beard 
Stephen Berlin 
John Borek 
Beth Boone 

Robyn Bowers 

Yvette Bowser 

Jim Bradley 

Doug Brady 

Margaret Braswell 

Margaret Brenner 

Bob Brewster 

Bill Bngham 
Lisa Bris-Bois 
Ann Brown 
Scott Broyles 
Tony Bruneio 
Leslie Buchanan 
Anne Bucher 

«, yy^ 

Dean Hutcherson 
Junior Art 

Q. Where do the priorities of most stu- 
dents lie? 

A. I would say that the social and aca- 
demic situation here is well balanced. At 
times, however, it seems as though stu- 
dents put more emphasis on the social 
side of student life rather than to academ- 
ics, but as a whole, the average student 
will heed to the demands of studying and, 
yet, have as much fun as possible with his 
friends and acquaintances. I would prob- 
ably note that the professors and instruc- 
tors encouraged and stimulated a sense of 
experimentation in the student and that 
they all wanted their students to ask ques- 
tions or to get their feet wet, so to speak. 

felt I > 

I' t\ *->\i 

Cathy Burgess 
Tom Burnett 
Anthony Burrell 
Hughlene Burton 

Robert Butler, Jr 
Nancy Byrd 
Audrey Cabe 
Tony Cahill 

William Camp 
Glenn Campbell 
Lee Campbell 
Michael Cantin 

John Capps 
Pam Carter 
Gary Casey 
Clyde Cash 


Ingil Cho 
Lon Clark 

Becky Clarkson 
Kathenne Clay 
Claire CoOey * 
Randall Combs 

Carol Copeland 
Cindy Corey 
Michael Conrad 
Sam Cox 
Mark Crabtree 
Deanna Craig 
BiU Creighton 

Sharon Cumbe 
Mark Damon 


Susan Darnell 
Joseph Davidson 
Ann Davis 
Johnny Dawkins 

*i~ --■■■''-■" ■'• 

Ann Deal 

Stephanie Decker 

Sharon Dedmon 

Bayard Deloache 

Amanda Demouthe 

Bemadette Dechamps 

T. Dickens 

Marjorie Donaldson 

Les Dooley 

Debbie Doster 

Donna Douglass 

Ellis Drew 

Carolyn Dukeshire 

Jay Dunlap 

Robert Dunn 
Roger Durham 
Laura Eaton 
Ellen Easter 
Lydia Eden 
Travis Eldndge 
Walter Elias 

Quentin Ellis 

Cindy Ennis 

Diane Evans 

Chuck Faig 

Kathleen Farley 

Mark Farmer 

John Feaganes 

Lisa Ferguson 

Jeff Fink 

Greg Fnsby 

Margaret Ford 

John Fosina 

Edgar Folk 

lelson Forrester 

Fred Foster 

Lesa Fouts 

Scott Frankum 

Doug French 

Anat Frydman 

Steven Garfinkel 

Gene Garrett 

Chris Gaynor 

Jutta Gbur 

Jack Gebbie 

Barbara Geiger 

Amy Geithner 

John Geissinger 

Gregory Glass 

Richard Gordon 

Elizabeth Graham 

Mike Graybeal 

David Green 

Stanlee Greene 

Sandra Griffin 

Trina Griffin 



1 Ak 

* /yvv' 



ilk' \*M 
11 41 

James Groome 
Cyrus Gwyn 
Ken Gwynn 
Heidi Hagen 
Theresa Hall 
Terry Hammond 
Greg Hampton 

Cynthia Hanna 
Manlynn Hami 
Susan Harris 
Cathy Hartsell 
Helen Hatcher 
Anne Hauser 
Karen Haynes 

Hank Heim 
Nancy Henderson 
lay Helvey 
Laune Hicks 

Stacy Hicks 
Esther Hill 
Taylor Hill 

Gary Hi: 

William Horton 

Terry Houser 

Tim Hull 

John Humphrey 

Alfred Irving 
Neal Isaac 
Ellen Jackson 

Bob Jankowski 
Melanie Jarratt 
Loy Jeffords 

Gail Jenkins 
Robert Jenkins 
Sara Johe 


Kathy Johnson 

David Jones 

Nena Jones 

Randy Jones 

Sue Jones 

{amona Jordan 

Wally Jordan 

Kathy Kelly 

Karen Kepler 

Betsy King 

Michael King 

Karen Klemons 

Craig Kmosko 

Ruth Knight 

Michael Knish 
Lincoln Krause 
Kimberly Kurtz 
Ervin Lampert 
Mark Landreth 
Michael Lands 
Nancy Lanter 

Steve Larsen 

Edwin Laws 

Valerie Leadbetter 

Carol Leuchterberger 

Kim Love 
Steve Lucas 

Lavonda Luper 
William Madill 
Perry Mandanis 
Stephen Marano 
Andrea Marrotte 
Jeffrey Marsden 
Ken Matich 

John Martin 

Melinda Maxwell 

Charles Maxim 

John McCabe 

Mark McCall 

Bruce McCreedy 

Mana McDaniel 

Carole McDonald 

Scott McEwan 

Laune McGuire 

Linda McKinney 

Brenda McKoy 

Katie McLaughlin 

Scott McNulty 

Ann Meletis 

Stephanie Menking 

Nolan Mewbom 

Mark Meyer 

James Michael 

David Middleton 

Janice Middleton 


t 1 

ft #*#» 


He mr% 

k yy*v» 

Page Dickson 
Junior Business 

Q. Why did you come to Wake Forest? 
A. I came because I had always wanted to 
come to Wake, but also because it's a 
small school. I did not want to go to a large 
university. I wanted to go to a small uni- 
versity wnere the chances to excell are bet- 
ter . . . If you don't give Wake a chance, if 
you don't stay here on the weekends, you 
don't know what the school is like ... I 
think WFU is a great place to be! 


HE? S 

x. — 

Beth Miller 
Rusty Miller 
Mary Millwood 
George Minot III 

lean Mitchell 
Gary Monroe 

Robert Morga 

Linda Morton 
John Mullen 
Jane Murphy 
Mike Myer 

Julia Myers 
Susan Myers 
Lisa Nassef 
Kurt Navratil 

Russ Neighbor: 
Brad Nix 
Doug O'Brien 
Donna OUis 

Sherry Olson 
Eric Osbom 
Buddy Osborne 
Kathenne Ostdahl 

Meg Page 
Stephen Pahides 
Pam Parker 
David Parsons 
Tamara Pausch 
Lennis Pearcy 
Curtis Pearcy 

Doug Peeler 
AUen Pegram 
Rodney Pell 
Kenneth Perry 
Kim Perry 
Jarvis Perry 
Sarah Peterson 


Joseph Petrone 
Charles Pierce 

Patricia Polk 

George Pnce 
Kenneth Prichard 
Kimberly Prickett 

Susan Prugh 

Lisa Quisenberrv 

Kevin Rank 

Thyra Rauch 

Alice Reid 

Mike Riley 

Mark Roberts 

Mark Roberts 

David Robertson 

James Robinson 

Cliff Rogers 

Onon Rogers 

Charles Rohrer 

Cindie Rusnak 

Amy Russell 

Chuck Russell 

Martha Russell 

Barbara Schmaelzie 

Bradley Schulz 

Lisa Schwinn 

Gina Sears 

David Senter 

Melodie Simmons 

Carol Singletary 

Lynn Sheann 

Maureen Sheehan 

Sharon Sheets 

Jerry Sieg 

Gregory Siler 

Lisa Slade 

Duke Slaughter 
David Smith 
Greg Smith 
Keith Smith 
Mary Smith 
Melany Smith 
Rick Smith 

i 1* 

\ yy*v 

I i , 
,+ mm kj ■ 

Donna Snipes 
Richard Spaulding, 
Beth Spencer 
Steven Spencer 
Joe Sterner 
Susan Strand 
Colleen Stoll 

Ann Strader 
Kevin Storms 
John Sullivan 
Kathenne Taylor 
Tammy Taylor 
Lorry Thabet 
Laurence Thayer 

Corlis Thomas 
Daniel Thomas 
Laura Thomas 
George Thomason 
Sally Tickle 
Kelly Timberlake 
Ronnie Townsend 

Greg Tvvyman 
Andrew Utter 
Fredrick Van Dom 
Anja Van Nood 
Pam Veeder 
Paul Wagenhoffer 

John Wagoner 
Terry Wagstaff 
Yoshiko Wakabayashi 
Carne Wall 
Michael Wallach 
John Walker 
Daniel Wallin 



Amy Walters 

Doug Warstler 

Cynthia Washington 

Jane Watson 

Joe Waters 

Steven Welty 

Dwight West 

Joseph Wescott 

Robert Wheatley 

Connie White 

Nell White 

Lisa Whisnant 

Kelly Williams 

Nathan Williams 

Wayne Withers, Jr. 

Lou Ann Woods 

David Wright 

Richard Wurst 

Chuck Yohn 

W**-> a 

«, /yVv 

SOPHOMORES class of 1982 

y^ P/r™ 




WW WW* ' 

■II: M 


Clay Ackard 
Reid Acree 
Gregory Adam 
Charles Agnew 
Janet Alexande 
David Allen 
Jenny Allen 

Jane Almon 
David Alpeter 
Charlene Anderson 
Mitchell Anderson 
Anthony Bailey 
Pam Baldecchi 
Scott Balderson 

Robert Becke 
Jeff Bedford 
John Bell 

Margaret Bell 
Patricia Bell 
Tim Bellamah 
Caroline Belzer 
Farah Bembury 
John Bennett 
Laura Bentlev 

Shelmer Blackbun 
Nancy Blades 
George Blakey 
Chuck Bolick 
Nancy Borders 
Robert Boswell 
Darwin Bowman 

John Brodenck 
Melmda Brodhead 
Andrew Brooks 

Bernard Brophy 
Stee Brown 
Jenny Buffaloe 
David Buhler 
Chip Bullock 
Amanda Bunch 
Stephen Bunker 

David Burgess 
Diane Burgin 
Bruce Burley 
Ruth Bryan 
Becky Butler 
Susan Butler 
Susan Bvrd 

BiO Cabey 

Jeanette Cadwell 

ananne Campbell 

Marcia Canady 

Melani Canon 

John Carlson 

Robert Carlson 

Kevin Carpenter 

Lisa Carson 

Brooke Carter 

Gary Casey 

Steve Catron 

Lecia Cecconi 

lohn Chapman 

Kelley Chick 
Howard Chung 
Kelly Church 
Andrew Clark 
Karen Clark 
Jane Clarkson 
Lamont Clegg 

Kim Cline 

Eugene Clouse 

Sandra Cobb 

Jack Cole 

Walter CoUett 

Jack Collins 

Kimball Collins 

Cheryl Conover 

Jackson Conner 

Robin Conte 

J. Corbo 

Marc Cosentino 

Karen Coury 

Mitchell Cox 

Kenny Craig 

Jim Crandall 

Faye Crawford 

Robert Crittenden 

Jeffrey Cry 

Perry Cumbie 

Leslie Danese 

David Daniel 

Eric Daniels 

Linda Daughtery 

Cynthia Davis 

Stephen Davis 

Kay Dayvault 

Jon Dean 



i r£ m 

Lisa Ward 

Sophomore Physical Education 
Q. Is it disheartening to go to play a game 
with only a few spectators compared to 
the thousands that attend the men's bas- 
ketball games? 

A. It is in a way, especially compared to 
high school when a few people in a small 
gym seemed like a lot. I can see though 
that we play on a different level than the 
guys. We wish more people would come 
to watch us; I think it would help us a lot. 
It always helps when you have a crowd 
behind you. (Girls Basketball Team). 

Kelly Deaton 
Terence Delyon 
Carrie Dishardoi 
Steven Dixon 

Carol Douglass 
Daphne Drew 
Mark Dronzek 
Cynthia Dunlap 

Janet Dunn 
Anita Eason 
Jeff Ehrd 
luhe Elkins 

Robin EUedge 
Patricia Engel 
Diana Ereth 
Cvnthia Evans 

Melissa Exum 
John Faulkner 
Kellv Faust 

Lon Fisher 
Shane Fitzpatnck 
Mary Flaherty 
Mark Fleming 

Barbara Flanagan 
Paula Floyd 
Claus Foerster 
Ava Fowler 
Jane Fowler 
Marv Frederick 
Craig Fnend 

Catherine Fner 
David Fuller 
Cathy Fulk 
Glenn Funk 
Carol Furman 
Cyndy Gaffney 
Mike Gallo 

Libby Garten 

Rex Gillette 

Janet Gleason 

Edith Cleaves 

Will Goley 

Michael Goodell 

Terry Grant 

Kevin Grealey 

Nina Green 

Jeffrey Greenberg 

Becky Greene 

Jim GreenwaU 

Ginny Gnffin 

Tnna Gnffin 

Ben Gr 


Jeffrey Gustafson 

Stan Guthne 

Andrew Haan 

Stephen Haberstroh 

Sue Hamilton 

zabeth Ham nek 

Bob Hannon 

Bnan Hansel 

Julie Hartzog 

Paula Hardison 

Raydan Harms 

Charles Harper 

Scott Harnson 

Scott Harns 

Kim Harviel 

Victor Hastings 

Susan Hawkins 

John Hayes 

Tony Haynes 

Mike Heavner 
Jeanette Heiges 
William Heimer 
Hadley Heindel 
Scott Heishman 
Darren Hensley 

Todd Herman 

Holly Hickman 

Mike Hicks 

Nancy Higgs 

Hal HiU 

Mike HiU 

Leigh Hines 

Jackie Hoffman 

Robin Holloway 

Robert Hoover 

Richard Howel) 

David Howland 

Jeff Hunter 

Randall Husbands 

Tracy Jackson 


Nancy Borders 

Sophomore Intermediate Education 
Q. What kind of social life is at Wake 

A. It's organized in terms of fraternities 
and societies, but other friends outside of 
these groups play a big part also. People 
don't limit themselves to that one organi- 
zation. I don't feel pressured bv the soci- 
ety I'm in to only go out with certain 
guys. . . 


e> i> ?* yv 

l&mmm m-m um 

mm n 

Son|a Jahrsdoerfer 
Tim Jeffries 
Jane Jeffries 
Valene Jeglmski 

Patty Jordai 
Tim Kafer 

Liz Ka 


Kathy KeUy 

Wes Kenney 
Jon Kerfoot 
Margaret Kerfoot 

Marty Kibiloski 
Chris Kirby 
Kenneth Kiser 
Bess Kimberlv 

George King 

Jeffrey Klumpp 

Kimetha Knotts 
D Knutson 
Lynn Kohier 
Michael Koonce 
Dave Kowal 
Michele Kress 
Mark Krom 

Barry Krueger 
Peter Kruyer 
Greg Lattartze 
Patnck Laughlin 
David Lee 
Cindy Lehoczky 
Carol Lehman 


Sherry Leonard 

Charles Leftwich 

Dewey Lewis 

D.E. Little 

Lindsay Locklear 

Becky Loftis 

Stephen Loftis 

Keng Low 
;n MacFadden 
Buddy Manon 
iail Margerum 
laron MarshaU 
John Martin 
Varies Mathis 

Joan Matthis 

John McAvoy 

Mary McClure 

Faith McClellan 

Greg McElvenn 

Shen Michalec 

Kathryn Milhous 

Alan Miller 

Claudia MiUer 

Betsy Milner 

Cindy Mizell 

Marlene Moffitt 

John Molesworth 

Kim Moore 

Glen Morgan 

Robert Morris 

Chns Mowry 

Leigh Mullikin 

Charlie Murphy 

David Myers 

Joy Myers 

Jack Nance 

Emily Neese 

Grovetta Nelson 

Stuart Nesbit 

Beth Newman 

Kent Newsome 

Michael Noel 

Paul Noone 

Jim Norvell 

Phsey Norwood 

Brian Nozolino 

Sarah O'Neal 

Andrea Over 

David Park 

Mary Parrott 

Todd Pascarelli 

Janine Paul 

\manda Pearson 

Bill Pegram 

• avid Pemberton 

Bonny Petree 




Margaret Kerfoot 

Sophomore Accounting or Business 
Q. Where do the priorities of most stu- 
dents lie? 

A. I think it's academics definitely but 1 
think social life also plays a big part. Stu- 
dents study first and then go out to so- 
cialize. On weekends, I think it (social 
life) is organized, during the week it's 
more spontaneous ... A common bond 
of everyone is knowledge, goal(s) to leam 
and going to classes together helps the di- 
verse group of students to get along well 



IS Pi *<* 

Sylvia Phillips 
Beth Pleasants 
Michael Pontari 
Barney Pnce 

Martha Pulham 
Patricia Pursell 
Lindsay Puryeai 
Robert Reagan 

Kenny Reavis 
Charles Reeve 
Melissa Rham 
Cole Richman 

Beth Riggs 
George Ring 
Dale Ritchie 
Kevin Ritchie 

Keith Ripley 
Gilbert Roberts 
Kathy Robertson 
C. Roe 

David Rogers 
Ronald Rogers 
William Roger 
Kurt RoseU 

Cindy Ross 
Robert Roux 
Marty Rowden 
Kathy Rowlett 
W. Scott Sapp 
Kimberley Saunders 
Suzanne Scheeler 

Debbie Schnernng 
Robert Shaw 
Tim Shelton 
Walter Sherrill 
John Sholar 
Jan Sigmon 
John Sills 

•>\ "->S!:;n.<: : .;.5:,i 


Troyh Simms 

arnson Skinner 

Bryan Slater 

Walt Slomiany 

Angle Smith 

David Smith 

Julie Smith 

Lisa Smith 

Ramon Smith 

Eli Snelgrove 

Ted Solan 

Charles Souter 

Lisa Speas 

Lynne Spencer 

Alan Spiegler 

Laurie Spinks 

Donna Strother 

izabeth Stephens 

Lisa Stephens 

William Stewart 

Charles Sterba 

John Stubbs 

Lynn Styers 

I ony 

Donald Swing 

Elyn Sykes 

Beth Talley 

Barbara Tate 

Anna Tarum 

Vivian Tedford 

Doug Thomas 

Hayes Thomas 

Gordon Thompson 

Jacqueline Thompson 

Wesley Thompson 

Rob Thornton 
Greg Tomchin 
Mike Towery 
Karen Trafford 
Mary Tribble 
Lester Turner 
Toni Tyree 

Janet Uhlan 

David Vega 

Marcia Weatherly 

George Weaver 

Beth Wagster 

Sean Walton 

Sharon Walser 

Lisa Ward 
Liz Ward 
Craig Waren 
Frank Warren 
vlidge Warren 
Sandra Weir 
Molly Welles 




Joe Westmoreland 
Dave Weymer 
Beth White 

Mary White 
Frank Whitney 
Barbara Williams 

Jim WiUit 
Mark Wilsi 

John Wmicov 
Frank Wise 
Sherry Wright 

WhiUis Yarberry 
John Young 
Otie Yutz 

Rena Zeya 

FRESHMEN class of 1983 


Don Abemathy 

WiU Ackley 

Paul Adrian 

Marshie Agee 

Kim Albee 

Jane Alexander 

Mike Alger 

Bret Allen 

Jennifer Allen 

Mary Allen 

Kathryn Amatruda 

Rick Amos 

Kay Anderle 

Jeffrey Arditti 

nnifer Ashley 
Jack Austin 
Judd Austin 
Glenn Ayers 
Maria Ayers 
Frank Bailey 
Greg Bailey 

Connie Baker 

Vicky Baker 

Renee Barbour 

Allison Bare 

Armando Barguido 

Helen Barkhouser 

Yvetta Barnes 

Karen Bartel 

Collins Barwick 

David Baugh 

usan Beauchamp 

Guy Beaver 

Ann Beh 

Mark Bennett 

Debbie Bercaw 

Charles Bethel 

Carol Bishop 

Warren Bishop 

Amy Blackman 

Cheryl Blackwell 

Jeanine Blake 

Donna Blankenship 

Carolyn Blue 

William Boggs 

Sharon Boothe 

Lynn Booth 

Steve Bosin 

Rodney Bowen 


*, y^v, 

Beth Jones 
Freshman Business 

Q. Do you feel that society life is the most 
advantageous for you to have a good so- 
cial being here on campus? 
A. I don't think I have to join one but 1 
would love to join one because if s a good 
way to get to know a lot of girls. It's a good 
social outlet. 

Q. Why did you come to WFU? 
A. I wanted to go to a school with a good 
academic reputation. I wanted to go 
somewhere fairly small. Every one was so 
friendly to me when I visited, it made a 
big impression on me. Everybody seemed 
to know and care about each other. 

Mary Ja 

Victoria Bow. 

I '.in h.'l |-;,.\ ,1 

Donna Boyd 
Stephen Boyle 
Scott Bradway 
Susan Bray 

Glenn Bndgers 
Rich Brock 
Alex Brown 
Audrey Brown 

Linda Brueggen 
Fred Bryan 
GarreU Bullard 
Eddy Bungener 

Mahlon Burket 
Lee Burroughs 
**» Enck Burton 

Shannon Butler 

Tim Byal 
Glenda Cable 
Rick Cain 
Dale Campbell 

Donna Campbell 
Mary Campbell 
Edward Canary 
Cathy Carter 
David Cash 
Bryan Catron 
Roland Cheek 

James Chesson 
Dawne Clark 
Jom Clark 
Chip Clayton 
Diane Clayton 
Cindy Cloninger 
Patrick Cloningei 



Denise Coogler 

Carol Copeland 

SaUy Copenhaver 

Scott Cottnll 

Bradd Craver 

Joseph Crawley 

Barry Creech 

Jay Crowther 

Eva Curlee 

Gregg Cusick 

Mary Dalton 

David Daniels 

Don Davis 

3everly Daugherty 

Scott Decatur 

Claire Decsery 

Jean Degnan 

avid Demianovich 

Philip Denfeld 

Jeanne Dilhnger 

Mark Dirks 

Lu Dodson 

John Donnely 

Gary Doten 

Tara Dougherty 

Cheryl Downs 

David Draper 

Jill Driver 

Chuck Duncan 

William Dunne 

Lucy Edelmann 

Eric Edgerton 

John EUer 

Keith Engelke 

Stephen Enns 

Genevieve Exum 

Richard Faude 

Robin Faulk 

Robert Fazia 

Janet Feimster 

Brooke Ferguson 

Isabel Fernandez 
Joseph Fernandez 

Bryan Fichter 
Jill Fink 

Adrian Flores 

Richard Flower 

Russell Frawley 

Carol Frederick 

Craig Fnend 

Curtis Frund 

Patty Fun- 

Bnan Gailbreath 

A ~* iilil 

\ ^ 

It * l Ah Ati 


K i=**K\ 

tf.i Ml 

tip "ppnw 

Eddie Ganl 
Emmy Gardner 
James Gardner 
Carol Garrett 
Becky Garrison 
Lee Garrity 

Patricia Geirald 
Jeff G|erde 
Christopher Glacke 
Karen Glenn 
Joseph Goebels 

Charlie Goodie 
Vmce Graessle 
Eric Greene 
James Gregg, Jr 
Kimberly Gnmf 
John Groom 
Pam Hackler 

Robert Haggerty 
Linda Hales 

Mark Hambln 

Patricia Hanks 

Sally Harla 

Lloyd Harrison 
John Harrison 
Carol Harnss 

Doug Hartserr 
Lillian Hasty 
David Hausm 

Selden Haverty 
Zack Hayes 
Leonard Haynes 

Laura Hedrick 

Holly Henderson 

Teresa Henley 

Beth Henon 

Scott Hertzog 

Sarah Heuerman 

Mark Hicks 

Jim HiU 

Sarah HiU 

John Hilley 

Karen Hills 

Margaret Hines 

Karen Hinshaw 

William Hinson 

Dave Hitchcock 
Sue Hochstetler 
Toby Hoffman 
Lang Holding 
?n Holhngsworth 
Debbie Holmes 
Bradford Hood 

Tern Hooks 

Ronald Hopper 

Steve Hoskinson 

Debbie Hough 

Lori Ann Howell 

Andy Hudnell 

Miriam Hughes 

Mary Huizenga 

Penny Humphrey 

Amy Hunt 

Jim Hutcherson 

Dale Hutchins 

Steve Hyatt 

Mitchell Israel 

Elizabeth James 
Stephen James 

Elbert Johnson 

Beth Jones 

David Jones 

Evia Jordan 

John Julian 

Scott Juvelier 

Annette Kavanaugh 

Patricia Keller 

Peter Kemeny 

Kim Kennis 

Jane King 

Mane King 

Martha King 

Sally King 

Ed Kinmer 

John Knapp 

Brian Knauth 

Patty Koury 

(kit* i ."; M * 

flit .*,'* 

f 15^' SSM1 

; *A4* m 

1 MiM 

Charlene Washburn 

Freshman Biology or Spanish 

Q. Do you feel pressures to conform to 


A. People pretty much let you be what 

you want to be. When you go to parties, 

there is some pressure to drink a lot but if 

you don't want to drink, usually there is 

no problem. 

1/ i 

Susan Knssinger 
Becky Lange 
Ted Lauer 

Darlene Lawrence 
Kathi Laxton 
Laura Leak 
Jenny Lee 

Amy Leonard 

Ellen Lethcoe 

Micael Lewis 

— ? a ~ % Jeff Lindquist 

Jade Litcher 
Robin Lockerma 
Lon London 
Kerne Long 

Mark Long 
William Long 
Scott MacFadyen 
Deann Macon 

Cheryl Maleho 
Matthew Malla 
Lisa Mann 

Keith Martinet 
Ellen Marx 
Morris Massey 
Jeanne Matthews 
Sharon Mazeau 
Ashley McArthur 
Laura McCaskiU 

Sara McClure 
Kim McCracken 
David McDonald 
Tom McDowell 
Nate McElwee 
Jeffrey McGiU 
Kathleen McKeel 

Kathleen McKenney 

Brock McLendon 

Alfonso McMilhan 

Sarahan McNeil 

Carl McNulty 

Mike McTammany 

\nd\ Mi';,',.r-. 

Amy Meharg 
Cheryl Miller 
Gary Miller 
John Miller 
Mary Moore 
Roger Moore 
Chns Moran 

Jeff Moser 

Theresa Mosso 

Lisa Motts 

iVth Mniplu 

Debbie Nardone 

Gwenn Naylor 

William Newell 

Carolyn Newsome 

James Newton 

Les Noble 

Stephen Norman 

Katy Norns 

Melissa O'Brien 

Cathy O'Connor 

Sean O'Donnell 
Spencer Olson 
Julie Ontko 
Deirdre Parker 
Teresa Parton 
Pamela Patrn k 
Fran Patterson 

Bert Pearse 

Julia Perry 

Carole Peters 

Michelle Peters 

Laune Petty 

Keith Peverall 

Gary Poling 

Dawn Powers 

Johnny Powers 

Ann Preuitt 

John Price 

Kevin Pntchard 

Lon Privette 

Forrest Quarles 

Thomas Radulovic 

Philip Rafferty 

KeUy Ragsdale 

Tara Raines 

1 >,u id Ramst.-v 

Zenia Raudsepp 

John Raymond 

t W HP? 




14 I 

Ginny Raynor 
Carole Rector 
Patricia Reed 
Charlotte Rhue 
Leslie Rhyne 
John Richardson 
Randal Riddle 

Tim Riddle 
Victor Rios 
Lee Anne Rish 
Ginny Roach 
Walter Roberts 
Donna Robinson 
Amy Rodriguez 

Ann Rogers 
Mark Rogers 

Lisa Sanford 

Robin Scherer 
Charles Schorgl 
Frank Schneider 
Pamela Schroeder 
Alice Sensenbrenne 
Sam Shabb 
Jeff Shannon 

Jeff Shannon 

Perry Shelley 

Barry Shephard 

Doug Shields 

Jeff Shinn 

Robert Shuttlesworth 

Reggie Sigmon 

Mike Simmons 

Mitch Skrosi 

Alison Smith 

Elizabeth Smith 

J. Smith 
Kerre Smith 
Kitty Smith 

Lauran Smith 

Lisa Smith 

Lisa Smith 

Melissa Smith 

Sheila Spainhour 

Keith Spoto 

Peter Spung 

Alan Sosebee 
Nelson Squires 
Craig Stabler 
Brad Stan- 
Louise Stephens 
<ann Stephenson 
John Stewart 

Melanie Stone 
Laurie Stortz 
Emily Street 
Richard Stroup 
Neal Stump 
Norm Stump 
William Sudduth 

Loretta Sutphin 

Susan Swanson 

Anne Talbert 

Tracie Tally 

Johnnie Tanner, 111 

Jeffrey Taylor 

Mercedes Teixido 

Betsy Terry 

Rosie Thomas 

Jack Townsend 

Naoki Toyoda 

Andrew Tucker 

Craig Tuttle 

Matthew Valle 



Penny Humphrey 
Freshman Math or Math/Bus. 
Q. Is WFU what you pictured? 
A. NO WAY!! I never had to study that 
much in high school. I came down here 
and I saw and heard how hard it was. I 
could see for myself that I was going to 
have to study. I wasn't used to that. I've 
also experienced a culture shock. Even 
though my mother is from the South, I 
had no idea that the South was like this. It 
is very different up North. People aren't 
as friendly up North, nor are they as open. 
The attitudes are different down here. The 
people are more honest. 

Leslie VanHouten 
Kirk Von Stein 
Richard Wagner 
Elizabeth Waite 

Andrew Wakefield 
Brad Walker 
Zana Wall 

Bruce Warrington 
Charlene Washbun 
Cathenne Watson 
Chloe Wellons 

Kathryn Welsh 
Larry Whitaker 
Melanie White 
Herbert WhiteseU 

Margaret Whiteside 
Jeff Whitt 
Sandra Wilcox 
Tim Wilder 

Judith Wiley 
Julia Wilkinson 
Richard Wilkinson 
Gary Williams 

Nancy Williams 
Sean Williams 
Krissy Windham 
Stephen Wingreer 
Franklin Wood 
John Wood 
Janet Woodruff 


le Wortman 

Phyllis Wnght 
Chuck Yarbrough 
Peter Young 
Suzanne Young 
Tracy Zygmont 


ABBOTT, Michael lee; We -t part, CONN', B'-Bu 

; Colombo. SRI LA 

mational Club 1 2.J 

; 3, President 4 Corn 

rector of Defense and Security 1 

KA: B ^ 
4, Chair- 


F.NE, Mr Surem C , Colombo. SRI LANKA: B > 

■itiotv Business. International t lub 1,2 3,4 Chair- 

ireclors 1.2.4. President 1,2,1. Director of Fi 

otography 1,2,3,4; 

, Student Defender' 
Basketball 1,2,3,4, Volleyball 2, Swr 
Crosscountry 1,2,3, 4, Intramural Ol 

mgate College 3; Inter- Varsity 3,4. 

Yorker 1,2; AthlelK He- 
Transfer from 

Society 1,2,3.4; WFU Gospel Choir 

President 2, President 4 

ALSTON, Thomas 

Phi 4, IntrSnuftl Softball 2,4 

AMATJONG, William David. Gre 
Mathematics/Economics; freshmen Onei 
ers Assistant 4. Tau Eta Mu 3,4 

mental Colic.;. Teachei 

irarsity 1,2,3,4; B 
hildren's Home 

ra Forsythe, Spai 
g Sister' to Freshr 
1,4; Choral Union 

, N.J ; B.s Business Inter 
n girl 2, Tutor at Methodis 
2,3, WKC Representative 3 

ANDREWS. Miriam 
Business, SO P H 1 
Marketing Club 4; A 

3; AS) 

e-President 2. 
Randall; Matthews, M.C.: B.S Busine 

Business kappa 
History English, 

3; Tn-Heta Soci* 

abelh, Frederick. Md : B.A. Biology, Transfer 
U, Fideles 3.4, Alpha Sigma Phi Little Sister 

WFU Bowling League 1, ! 
vices Comm. 1, Off Camp 
Secretary 3, College Demo 
4; USKB 3 

BEALS, Laura Lynn; Bui e 
Rigels 1,2,3,1, Secretary : 

2,3,4. ^^ JL- 

BEATTY, Cynthia ]u Ann 
French; Orchestra 1.2,1,4. 1 
Little Sister 2,3,4; M.irketi 

. (Fideles) 4 

edai Rapids, Iowa, B.S Bu 
-VVAC1, SOPH 2,3,4; Alph. 
ig Society 4. 

BURGESS, Fraflk L*v 
kappa Alpha Order 1.2, 


President 4, lnlr 

High Pom 
Treasurer 4, 


Sigma Phi 

BECK, Bobby Lee; Yadkir 

Omega 2,3,4, Sgt -at-Arms3, I'residt 

Theater 3, Sports Information 3,4. 

BELL, Charles C , Raleigh, N.C ; B./ 
Kappa Sigma 2,1,4, Social Chairman 

BELL, Kenneth Davis Winslon-E 
Philosophy, ThetaChi 1,2,3,4, 

Society Bible Study 3.4, Young life 1.2,3 

B S Business; SOPH 

N C ; B.A. Biology, Alpha I'hi 
esident 4, Photographer 3,4, WFU 

Biology, Choral Unit 

BFNFIFI D, Scott Edward. Shelbv. NC; B.A English; Theta-Chi 
2,3.4, Howler sports copv writer 4; CU altraction Committee 4; 
Intramural football and BasketbalK3,4. 

President 4 Inter Varsity 1.2, Alpha Phi Omega 3,4; Omioon 
Delta Kappa I Mortarboard Secrel.rrv4. [boon Khee School of Tae 
Kwan Do 4. 

KLIiKY, Margaret I ynn, Arden, 
Basketball Manager 1.2,3, Football 
of Christian Athletes 1,2,3, Band 1 

BERRY, Re. DarreU; Matuetta, C 
transfer; | V. Tennis 2,3,4, Phr Al 
Social Chairman 4; WFDD 3. Dear 

B1DWELL, Paul Louis; Cold Sprir 

s House Co. 
V4; Anthony 

MC; B.S. Busir 

1,2,3,4, Refreshment Club 4. B S.U Choir 2,3,4; WFU Karate Club 

BOYLE, William lames, Rumson, NY, B A Varsity Golf 1,2; In- 
n.imur.ils 1,2,1.4; Member ol Taylor House 1; Kappa Sigma 2,3,4; 
Student Judicial Board 2,1,4. Co-Chairman 4, College Union Lee- ' J 
ture Committee 4 

BRAMEl, Nancy lane; Winston-Salem, NC, B.S Accounting; Ac- 
counting Society 4 

BRANTI.EY, David Spencer, Rocky Mount, NC; B S Biology, 
Alpha Fpsilon Delta Ptemedical Honor Society, Tri Beta Biological 
Society 3,4; Baptist Student Union 3,4, Education Coordinator 4; 
Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 3,4, Action Group Leader 4, 
Alpha Phi Omega 3.4, 


* BRANTLEY. Kathrvn Lee; lackson, MS. B.A SpanistvEnglish. 
Concert Choir 1,2,1, Secretary 1, Choral Union 1.2,3, Secretary V 
WRC Hall Representative 1,2, Freshman Advisory Committee I 


, MSdri 
ynAthyn, PA B.A, En 

Sociology; Intramurals 

BROOME, Michael Coy; Monroe, NC; B S Biology, Transfer 3. 

BROWNING, Sandra Lee; Durham, NC, B.A. Sociology; B.S.U. 
1,2.3,4; Choral Union 2. B S.U, Weekend Te 
B s I. Choit 

BROYHILL, Caron J.; Lenoir, i 


BRYSON, John Da 

! Fire Mai shall 2 

. N|, B.A Economics^Spanish; 

Hgh NC; B.A. Busin 

Hand, MD. B.S. 

, GA, B A. Political Phjlosoj 
Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Wind E 

i Lab Instructor 

1,2,4; Pep Band 1.2,3.4. .' 
Howling League 3.4. Vice Preside 


ur .lis 1,3 1 Mar. tun.; 

ble 1; Concert Band 

Dean''; List 1.2.3,4. 


ATKINS. Tony D.; W.r 

gby Club 1,4, 

.n-Salem, NC, Business administra- 

. N C : B.S Mathemalics, B A 

Nigeria, B.S 


irals 1,2.3 
r.; Beckley, W.Va , B.A. Chemistry. 

. College 

. N.Y . 

. His 


i Delta Kappa 3,4, Mortal 

BLACKBURN. Reginald A Huntingdon Valley, PA, 
ness; Kappa Alpha Order 2,3,4. Treasurer 4: Intramurz 
Basketball, Softball 1,2 1,4 Koadtrip Club 3,4. 

Tennis Team 1; International Club 4; B SU 3,4. 

tabeth; Richmond. VA. [IS Business, Mantimers 

-entative 1; Fideles 2,3,4; 1st Vice 

t Committee4; Venice Pi, .gram 3; Marketing So- 

BLEVINS, Dwighl Allen, Ronda, NC; B.A Hi- 
Intramural Basketball, Volleyball 2; TauEta Mr 
4: London Program 4. 

■; Transfer 1477; 

2,3,4; Peer Ad. 
and Black 
nine Comi 

; I'ep t 

34, Student Orientation Assistant 4; Old Gold 
I; MRC Academic Chairman 4; Pre-school Plan- 
s 1; La Maison Francais College Bowl Champions 

NC; B.S. Accountancy; College 

BONNER, Sarah Elizabeth, Cormgloi 
Mathematics; Accounting Society 3. 
Mortar-Roaid Vice President 3,4, CU 2. Majitimei 
3. President 4; Carswell Scholar 1.2,3,4; Math T.A 

VA; B.S. 

Phi Beta Kappa 3.4 
2, Secretan 

BURCH, Kyle Albert; Primos, PA: B S Bosiness, Kappa Aloha 

BURROUGHS, Catherine: Winston- Salem. NC. B.A. Theatre; 
English, S.O.f H 1,2,3,4, Song Leader 3; Anthony Aston Society 
2,3.4, A .-ling Aw. ii.i 2,1, Rr.lary s.-holaiship Nominee 1 Omicron 
Delta Kappa 3,4, Mortar Board 1,4, Carswell Scholar 3.4, 7fie Sf„- 
fleilt Poetry Award 3; NC Poetry Society Winner 1 

BURTON. Jocelyn; Richmond, VA, B.S. Accounting; Afro- 
American Society 2,3,4, Secretary 2, President 4; Strings 2,1.4. 
Gospel Choir 2,3; Accounting Society 3.4; Alpha Phi Alpha 
Sweetheart 4; Resident Advisor 4 

BUSIC, Brigitta Danise: Cala*. VA; B.A Psychology; Fideles 2, 3. 4 

BYRD, Herbert Gregory; Raleigh, NC; B.S Business; Sigma Chi 
2,3,4, House Chairman 3, Magister 4, KarateClub 3.4; Baseball 1; 
Intramurals 2,3,4. 

unbury, NC; B. 

BYRD, Robin Elai 

Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4,' Old G 
Resident Advisor 3; College Union 
Mortar Board 4; Hankins Scholar 1,2 

h. Til.- Mi,.;, ill 1 t. 
it 2.3,4; WRC 2, \ 
oo Delta Kappa 4: 1 

s Palmer, High Point NC; B A Politics; Student 
I 2 Student Judicial Board 3.4; Parent's Weekend 
i I.Sigma Chi 1,2,3,4. Chairman Alumni Telelhon 4; 

Shelby, N C B S Chemistry, Pi 

Sports 1,2,3,4; CU, Lecture Comn 

; B \. Communications, 
imentanan 1; Intramural 
; College Republicans 1 

/rile, VA; B A Speech, Com- 


* /?■ 

CAMP. Kimbe-rlv Vaughan. Coral Cables., Fla; B.a. Anthropology, 
Maritimers I; Strings 2,3.4. Social Chairman 4; Lambda Chi 
Alpha Little Sister 3. 4 

CAMPBELI Melodie A.; Madison Heights. VA. B.A. Speech, 
Communications and Theatre Arts; Gospel Choir 3, President 3, 
Intramurals 1,2.3; College Union Lecture Committee 3,4: Home- 
coming Representative 3* 

: Award 3; Outing Club 2 

DURHAM, Whitney; Miami, Fla . B.S Bu 

!- President 4; Student Oriental 

CANTO, Thomas Richard. Burlington. NC, B.A Biology. 

CARPENTER, |ohn Joseph, Forest Citv, NC, B S Accounting. Ac 
counting Society 3.4. Treasurer 4, Pi Kappa Alpha 2,3,4, Executive 
Council 3,4, Sargeant-at-Arms 3, Secretary 4, Vice-President ol 
Pledge Class, Eta Sigma Phi-Classical Honor Society 2,3,4: Inter- 
disciplinary Honor's Program 3, Dean's List. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. 

CARTER Doris V; Candor, NC, B.A. History/Politics; Inier- 
Varsity 1,2; Alpha Phi Omega 2,3.4, Alumni Officer 4; WRC 1,2. 
House President Babcock 2." Residence Advisor 3,4. Intramurals 

CARTER. Jeffrey Dean, Charlotte, NC; B.S. Business-Math. 

CATHEY, ,\my Luanda; Charlotte, NC; B.S. Business, Choral 
Union 2.4, Homecoming Committee 3. WRC 3. House Vice- 
President, 3; A.S.P.A. 3,4; Marketing Society 3,4. 

CATHEY, Jack Miller; Charlotte, NC; B.S. Accounting; Inter- 
Varisty Christian Fellowship 1.2,3.4, Action Group Leader 2,3,4, 
Family Group Leader 4; Accounting Society 3,4; Intramurals 

; Dorm Council 3; Intra! 

Phi 0.3,4, Pledge President 1, Prudential Comm 2, Pledge Mas- 
ter 2, Special Service Chairman 4; London Overseas Program 3, 
Intramurals 1,2, ,4. 

n Chemical boa ety 4. Treasurer 

CROWTHER, Cynthia Elizabeth, Charlotte. NC. B A Speech 
Communications; Marching Band 2; A.S.P.A 4: Marketing Soci- 
ety 4; Dorm Council 4 

CUNNINGHAM, Marv Jo; Naples, Fla ; B.A intermediate Educa- 
tion; Fideles 2,3,4; ISC 4. Sigma Pi Sweetheart 2, Student North 
Carolina Education Association 3,4, President 3, Intramurals 3,4 

, PA. B S ; Stnngs 3.4; Ge: 


Religion; Inter- Varsity 1, B.S.U, 2.3,4; Orchesti 
Opera- "The Magic Flute" 1; Choral Union 2,3 

CUTRELL, Nancy Jane; Salisbury, NC, B.S. Physical Education, 
B.A. Sociology; WRC 1, Rifle Team 1, Basketball Team 2. Intramu- 
rals 1,2.3,4, Alpha Phi Omega 3,4; Sociology Club 3,4; P. E. Maior? 

DADOURIS, Rick. Perth Amboy, NJ; B.A Biology, Varsitv Fool- 
ball 1,2,3.4; All ACC Academic Football Team 2,3,4; ACC Honor 
Roll 2, 3,4; Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Epsilon Delta; Classical Language 
Society; FCA. 

; Freshman One 

DAVIS, Joseph Clair, Jr.; Conway, NC; B S Mathematics/Biology; 
Alpha Phi Omega 2,3,4. 2nd Vice-president 4. Chaplain 3; Circle K 
1.2; B.S.U 1.2,3,4. Interdisciplinary Honors 1; Omicron Delta 
Kappa 4; Mortar board 4 

1,2.3,4, Project Chairman 3, Social Chain 

, Cheerleader 3 

ELLIS, Sherry Lvnn, Sanford, NC; B.S Business Administration; 
Marching Band "Lancer 2. Choral Union 2. Strings 2,3,4; Venice 
Overseas Program 3; Marketing Society 4. AS P A 

EPPS, Bradley Scott; Newton. NC. B.A. EnglishSpanish. Pi Kappa 
Alpha 2,3,4; Student Judicial Board 4, Student Referral Council 4. 
Carswell Scholar 2.3,4, Madrid Overseas Program 2. 

EDTING, Andrea Leigh, Salisbury. NC; B.A. Psychology; Major- 
ette 1; Fine Arts Comm 2. The Stadeiit 2; London Overseas Pro- 
gram 3, Dance Company 4. 

. 1,2,3.4; Fideles Sweetheart 4 

President 3,4. Psychology Honors 2,3,4; Theta Chi Little ' 

FACAN, Thomas M . New Canaan. CT; B.S. Business 

FAIN, Janice Maria; Stony Point, NY; B.A Mathematics and 
Music, Symphony 1,2,3.4; Choral Union 1,2, Concert Choir 3; 
Spanish House 2,3,4, Residence \dvi<.or '. Omicron Delta Kappa 

FAISON, Clinton Forrest, 111; Bethesda, MD; B.A. Chemistrv 
Concert Choir 1.2,3,4; Student Government 1,4, Academic. Chai 
ter. Extern Committees, Peer Advisor 2,3.4, Residence Advise 
2,3,4; Alpha Epsilon Delta-Pre-Medical Honor Society 2.3,-i 
i Chemical Society 3,4, Delta Kappa Epsilon 3.4, Pledg 

t- Salem. NC, B S. Busine 

CLARK, Steven W , Potomac, MD; B.A. Speech Coi 

CLEMENTS, Marghente G.; Washington, D.C.; B.S. Business, 
Fideles 3,4; Transfer 3. 

rille.NC; B.A. English; 

; College Union Fine 

Company 1,2.3,4; S.O.P.H. 2,3.4. 

COINER, Kim berley Coleman, Henders 
S.O.P.H. 1.2,3,4; Theta Chi Little Sista 

Omicron Delta Kappa 3,4, Worrell Ho 
Arts Committee 3,4 

on. Fideles, In 

COMER, Douglas W ; Winston-Salem, NC. B.S. Business; Trans- 

DELAPLAINE. Lawrence Colin. Bethesda, MD; B / 

DELOACH, William Scott, Miami Lakes. Fla,; B.S. Accounting 

DeWEESE, David Scott. Wildwood, NJ, B A Psychology; Sigma 
Phi Epsilon 1,2.3.4, Pledge Educator 2, Athletic Director 3,4, In- 
tramurals 1,2,3.4, Social Committee 2,3, Pledge Board 2.3, College 
Union 3, Attraction Series 3, Technical Crew 3; Pre- Law Society 
3,4; Hankin Scholar; Dean"s List. 

DiMARTlM, Mark Philip; Jersey City, NJ; B.A English; Intramu- 

DORTCH, Robert Cleveland, Jr.; Charlotte. NC. B.S. Business, 
B.A. History; Cheerleader 2,3, Sigma Chi 1,2,3,4, Carolina Pro- 
vince Representative 4; Phi Alpha Theta-History Honor Society 

DOUB, Julia L.; Winston-Salem, NC; B.A. Art. College Union 1, 
Union Attraction Senes Comm V, Old L,o!d and Block 2,3,4; Steps 
2,3,4, Publicity Chairman 3 

Club 3.4. President 3; London Ov. 

FERENCY, James Alan; Chagrin Falls, OH; B.S. Account. 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 1.2.3,4, Recording Secretary 4. Peer Adv 
3,4; Accounting Society 3,4, Intramurals 1,2,3.4. 

aw I 

1.2,3,4. Choral Un 

F1NLEY. Duke, Raleigh, NC; B A English. 

FITE, Mary Victoria; Vero Beach, Fla.; B.A Biology; WRC 1.2, 
Inter-Varsity Chnstian Fellowship 4; Madrigals 1.2,3,4; Concert 
Choir 1,2.3,4, Vice-president 3, Choral Union 1,2.3,4. President 4; 
Stnngs 2,3,4, Songleader 3.4. 

FLOWERS. William Donald. Jr ; Cheteryville, NC; B.A. Religion; 
B.S.U. 1.2,3.4, State Comm ON International Students 4. 
Weekend Team Coordinator 4, Chapel Committee 2.3.4, Pre- 

FONT. lorge A ; Fairfax. VA; B A Anthropology Art, Ice hockey 

; B.A. Psychology; Howler 

r- Varsity Christian Fellowship 2 

COULTHARD, Robert Franklin, Ji 
Biology Math, B.S U. 1,2.3,4; Reside 
Epsilon 3,4. 



3.4; Sigma Phi 

Golf 4; Intramu- 
rals 1,2, 3.4 

COX, Steven Luther; Raleigh, NC. B.S. Business, Transfer from 
NCSU 3; A.S.P.A. 3,4. 

, Michael A.; Cove Point, MD; B.S. Bu 

Representative 3 

I klGGLE, Emily lane, Greensboro. NC; B A English/French; NC 
P1KG 1.2 4, Local Boaid 1 Sine Board 2. Chanman 4; Touring 
C holt 1 . Olit r.vjarti 8/iut 2; I ranee Overseas Frog 3. WWWG 4. 

rate Club 2; Choral Ln 

Wind Ensemble 

ITJCClU-O. Gary Scull, Greenport. NY: B.S. Business, B A. 
Music. ].!.•/ I n i-mSle 1,2 l,a student Government I Marl.etinc 
Society 1 Coffeehouse 1,2.3, Hand Manager 1.4. 

CAMB1LL, Christopher Reginald; Elkin, NC; B A Religion. 
B sU 1 2,3.4, Council 3. President 4, State B.S U Committee 
3 4, Chapel Committee 2,3 4 Orient a ion student '■ -St. 3, 4 Omic- 
ron Delta Kappa 3,4; Mortar Board 3,4. F ta Sigma Phi 3,4, Intramu- 

UCK, Kent Leivis; Winston-Salem. NC. B.A. Politics. 
HARDING, James A ; Boca Raton, FL; B A. Economics/History, 

HAKSCH, Stephen Thomas; Falls Church, VA; B.S. Business; 
Taylor House senator 1; Hockey Club 1.2 Vice president 2; 
House 2,3; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Intrarnurals 
1,2.3.4; Inter-Varsity 1,2,3,1 -- uvC^p^mflPt^^^kwl 

1 SII.L, Floyd Wright; Concord, NC; B.A. Biology; Alpha Ep- 
nt4;Tn .---■■ 


I lankin- Scholar 1,2,3 4; Dean's I is 

' 3.' Ah 
allege Union 3; Ho 

HAYES; gnxorv Ralph; Winston- 
.^Ijoran^fcn 3.4, BLnv Society 2 

HAYES Michael Wayne, 

-i KINFN, Tapi; huopio. In 

H&t, .John^^fci^Rwetteville. NC B.A' Sociology. Val 

, NC H S Chemistry; Karat 

GOERS. Amy Susan; Washington D.C.. B.S Business; Fideles 
1,2.3,4. * ^~ .2 

1.M.4; Strings },4 


3 Comm. 3,4 
r 1,2; MRC 4 
1,4; Intrarnurals 1,2,3,4, 

, NC, B.A. Sociology; 

HOOKEY, Scott Richrd. Washington, PA, B.A Political Scien. 

Student Magazine 4 

HUNT, lohn Kenneth; Steulem i He, OH: B A H„tory. 

HUNTER Vinita Marie; BurnsvilU, NC; B.A. Psychology; 
Thymes 1 2 1,4; ISc 2,3; BSU 12; Alpha Sigma" Phi I 'ml. Si.ter 

3, President 4. Intrarnurals 

, OH;. B.S. Math/Biology. 


College Republicans 1,2. WFjayoje.. 2. Inter- Versify l, 
Brother 4. 

HELMS, Barbara Elaine; Charlotte, NC; B.S. Religic 

Ministries 1,2,3.4; SOPH's 1,2,3.4, 

HENDERSON, William Lecil II Charlotte, NC, B.S. Business; 
The, a Chi 1,2,1 I Historian! InUamurals4; Karate Club 1,2,3,4; 
L.olk' L ;eP<>m.«-i-.its. 1 2,3,4, Vice-President and Tress 4; Marketing 

ISRAEL, Catherine Dawn U'mston-Salem, NC; B.A. Politics. 

JACKSON, Donald Keith; Bluefield, WV; B.S. Accounting; Trans- 
fer from BluefieJd College 2; Varsity Football 2,3.4, FCA 2,3.4; 
ODK-Mortar Board 4; Accounting Society 3,4; Graduation Mar- 

)AMES, Amy Alexis; Greenville, SC; B.A. Sociology. College 
Urnon 1,2.3,4, Treasurer 2. President 3, Union Attraction Senes 
1 2,3,4; STEPS 1,2,3,4; Old Cold & Black 2,3,4. Assoc. Editor 4; 
Sociology Club 3,4; London Program 4. 

r 2.3, S'udent Tutor 4 

JOHNSON, James Duggan Hastings, NE; 8 A. HistoryiEnglish; 
S.G. Rep. 2. Challenee Publicity 3 Interim Chairman 4. Old Cold 
& Black Staff 1,2.3. Columnist 4; Student Magazine Staff 4 

1.2. Peer Advi ; 

Kappa Alpha 1, 

GRAMBOW, Susan Jane. Hyattsville, MD; B.A. Biology; Tri-Bela 

CREENE, Bryan W.; Mooresboro, NC. B.A. Sociology; Davis 
House 1; Intrarnurals 2,3,4. 

GRIFFIN. Gregory Louis. Vinton, NC; B.A. Psychology 

GRIFHTH, Louise Blair; Raleigh, NC. B.A. Anthropology; Trans- 
(er trom UNC-Wilmington 2 

GRIFFITH. Susan Kay; Addison, NY; B.A English/History; Alpha 

3. Bowling League 4; Intrarnurals 2,3,4. 

HERBST, Nancy Pamela; Port Chester, NY; B.S. 
Transfer from SUNY 3. 

HESTER, Emily Jean; Elizabeth town. NC; B.S. 

1,2.3,4, Choral Union 1.2,3, President 2; College l nun I octur. 
Comm. 1,2,3,4, Chairman 3; American Chemical Society 2.1,4 
Tau Eta Mu; Phi Beta Kappa 3,4; ODK-Mortar Board, Vice 
President; Caiswell Scholar; Alcoa Foundation Scholar, 

Club 2,3; French Ho 

(ONES. Marsha Lynn; Richland-;, NC; B.A. Education; Intrarnu- 
rals 1,2,3; Babcock Dorm Rep 4. 

JONES, William D.; Cary, NC, B.A SCTA, Kappa Alpha. Club 
Football President 3; Intrarnurals. 

JUDSON, lames William. Jr., Rockville. MD; B.A. Politics. College 
Union 1,2; Cub Football 3,4; Lambda Chi Alpha, President 3,4. 
Teacher's Assist ant 'Psychology 4. 

KARWOSKI, Jane Catherine; Atlanta, GA, B.A. Politics WRC 
1,2,3.4, Secretary 2, Chairman of Social and Functions Board 3, 
President 4; Women's 5ports Information Director 3,4, Schol- 
arship and Financial Aid Committee 3,4; Freshman Advisory 
Council Chairman 2; College Republicans 1,2,4. 

KATIBAH, William George III, Charlotte, NC; B.A. Psychology; 
intervarsity 1,2,3,4, BSU 1,2,3,4, Chapel Committee!, lntr.imur.ils 
1,2,3,4; Phi Beta Kappa 3,4; Pre-schooi Committee 4; Student 
Government 1. 

KAYE, Lynne; Arlington, VA; B.S. Mathematical Economics; C.U. 

HAMBY, loe Allen, Charlotte. NC; B.A. Religion/Philosophy; 
Student Budget Advisory Comm. 2.3,4; Peer Advisor 3,4; Intra- 
rnurals 2,3.4 College Republicans 1,2; Chapel Comm 3,4. Resi 
dent Advisi 

HAMILTON, Robert B.. )r.; Locust Grove. VA. B.A. SCTA 

HINSON. Charles Sidney, Jr.; Aberdeen. NC; B.S. Mathematics, 
College Union 1,2,3,4, Recreation Comm. Chrmn. 2. Vice- 
President 3; Hankins Scholar 1.2,3,4; lntr.imur.ils 1,2,3,4. 

House Co-Head Resident 4; Carswell Scholar 1,2, 

ident4. ISC 2,3,4 Rush Cha> 


Marketing Society 3,4. Intramurals 1,2.3,4. 

murals 1,2,3,4; Wind Ensemble 1,2. 

KNAPP, Lynn Dee; Crab Orchard WVA; B.A 5CTA: Gazelle Edi- 
tor 4; Associate Editor of OM Cold and Black 4; Assistant Editor 2; 
Writer 1,2.3.4; S.O P H alumni newsletter 3.4, W.F. Dance Co. 
3.4; Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister; Phi Betta Kappa. 

KNAPP. Randall S , Northport, NY; B.S. Math. Intramurals 
1.2 3.4, Kitchin House Athletic Chairman 3,4. 

KNIGHT, Cynthia Diane, Honolulu, Hawaii; B.A. Music; Inter- 
varsity Action Group Leader 1; Intervarsity Executive Committee 
2. Opera Workshop 3. 

KNOX. Joy Lynne; Raleigh, NC; B.5. Mathematics. Transfer 3. 

KOLE, Jeffrey Blair; Westfieid, NJ; B.S. Accounting; Varsity Base- 
ball L2,3. Pi Kappa Alpha 1.2,3.4. Rush Chairman 3.4; 
Executive Council 3.4; Accounting Society 3,4, Marketing Club 4. 
American Marketing Association 4; Student Government 3; Con- 

KOONTZ. David; Cincinnati. OH; B.A. Anthropology; CU. Let 
ture Committee 1.2.3; Delta Sigma Phi 2.3.4; Lambda Alpha 3,4 
National Anthropology Society 3,4. 

KUZMTER, John Robert; Huntington, NY; B.A. Ecom 

; 4. Student Athletic Advisory Board 3; Kappa Sigma 

: Charleston, SC: B A. Biology; Airo-Amei 
"' T 1.2,3,4; Chairman of Ath 
i Society 4; Intramural 3,4, Big 

; MD, B.A. Biology. French House 1; 

Phi Dream Girl 3,4 

University Theatre 1.2 

LIPSCOMB, Mary Virginia; Richmond, VA; B.A. Biology. 

LONG, Stephen Nelson; Roxboro. NC; B.A. Biology. Theta Chi 
3.4; Tri-Beta 3.4 

LOVELL, Patricia Marie; St. Petersburg, FLA; B.A, Psychology 

LOVELAND, Philip Bruce; Havetock, NC: B.A Politics; Intramu- 
ral Basketball 1,2,3.4. Golf 3.4, Student Legislatures 3,4; College 
Republicans 1.2,3. 

Food Committee 2.3. Deacm Edit 

MARSHALL. Roy Jackson. HI; Winston-Salem. NC; B.A History; 
College Republicans 1,2,3,4, Vice President 3, President 4; Uni- 
versity Rifle Team 4. Student Government 4. 

; Alpha Phi Alpha 3.4. President 4. 

i the Psychology Depart- 

MAXEY. Richard Eugene, Jr , Winston- Salem. NC B A. Econom- 
ics; Transfer from Lenoir Rhyne 2; Kappa Alpha Order 3,4, Vice- 
President 4 

5 2,3,4; choral Un 

McMULLOUGH, Joseph Dennis; Chevy Chase, MD; B.A. Biolo- 

McCLUE, Timothy J ; Spring Lake Heights. NJ; B A Politics. 

i Club 3.4; Theatre 1. 

2,3-4, Union Attraction Series 2, Experimental College 

3,4; College Democrats 1.4; SGA Food Service Comm 3; Speech 

Communication Asso. 4, (FC Representative 4. 

dence Adviser 4; Sigma Pi Little Sis 

MILLER, BILL: Lockport. NY, Politics, Poteat House 1; Ice Hockey 
Club 1,2,3. Vice-President 3, Intramurals 1,2.3; WFU Telethon 2: 
Student government 2 Kappa Sigma 2.3,4; IFC 2.3.4. President 
3,4; Strings sweetheart 2,3.4; WFU Dedender's Board 3; SLRB 3 

MILLER. D. Sigsbee; Millers Creek, NC; B.A. Politics, Hankins 
Scholar 1.2,3,4; Student Government 1,2,3. Treasurer 3. Chairman 
Budget Comm, 3; College Republicans 2. Treasurer 2, Pre- Law 
Society 1.2.3, Membership Chairman 1.2. Vice-President 3; 
Gamma Omega Pi 2; Tau Eta Mu 3.4, Treasurer 4; Resident Assis- 

LUKASH. Daniel. RockviUe. .MD; B.A Historv. Soccer Club 1,2.3. Scholarship 1,2,3,4; SOPH Society 2.3,4, Publicity 

Varsity Soccer 4, CU. Tech. Crew 2,3,4; ; Tau Eta Mu 2,3, President Historian 4; Inter- Varsity; IFC-ISC Bible Study 3.4. 

r 2. Intramural Basketball M. KarateClub 3,4. A SPA 4 

MONTGOMERY, William Knox; Radnor, PA, B.S. Mathematics. 1 
Economics: Pi Kappa Alpha 1,2.3,4; Intramurals 1, Soccer Team 
1,2,3: College Union, College Republicans. 

MOORE, Cynthia Lee; Matthews, NC; B.A English. College 

MYERS, Barbee Claudette; B.S. Physical Eduction; Gospel Choir 
1,2,3,4, Vice-President 3: Atrc- American Society 1,2.3,4; Intramu- 
rals 1.2,3,4; Circle K 4; Community Service 3.4; Big Sister 2. 

y Club 3,4. 

NAKASHI.AN, John Lawn; Fair Lawn, NJ; B.S. Accountancy. 

NALL, Terry Wayne; Greensboro, NC, B.S. Accounting; Student 
Government 1, Appropriations and Budget Comm. 1; College 
Democrats 1,2.3,4, Accounting Society 3,4. 


President' 4: WRC2- 

1-JAYLOR, Helen Elizabeth, Seaford. DE, B.A Psychology. 

NELSON, Kevin Alfred; Jackson, Ml. B.A History; Theta Chi 
1,2,3,4; College Democrats 2: Old Gold aud Black 2 3,4, Asso. 
Sports Editor 5, Sports Editor 4; Peer Advisor 3,4; Student Judicial 

, WRC Rep. 1: 
B A. English; 

NY5TROM. Andrew John; Winston-Salem, NC, B A Biology; In- 
tramural Sports 1,2,3,4; Tn Beta 3,4, Vice-President 4, Vice- 
President Eastern District 4; Club 2,3,4, 

OAKLEY, Russell Neal; Camp Hill, PA.. B S Biology; Student 
Government Legislator 3; Track 1,2 3,4. Kappa Alpha 1,2,3.4; 
Tn-Beta 3,4; Rugby 1.2; Outing Club 2.3,4 



OHL, Matthuw David; Huntington, WVa., BS Math/Biolog- 
Peer Advisor 3.4, Student Orientation Advisor 4, Sigma Cf 
1,2,3,4, Treasurer 4, Mathematics Teaching Assistant 4; Intrami 
rals 1,2,3,4 Wrestling Club 3,4. 

OSWALD Theodore Klemm; Timonium, MD , BS Busines< 
Head Resident (Poteat)4j Freshman Resident Advisor 2.3, Ameri 
can Society for Personnel Administrators 3,4, Intramurals 1,2.3,4 

PAGE, Elizabeth Leigh, Rutherfordton. N.C.; B.A. Studio Art; 
Student Government Representative 3; Exhibited Student Art 
Show 2; WRC Hail Representative 2; Howler Photographer 4 

PAPPAS. Michael Ian; Miami, Florida, BS. Business/Spanish, 
Track 1.2. intervarsity 1, Madrid Program 2, Sigma Chi 1 2,3,4. 
Language I. ah Assistant 3,4. IFOISC Bible Study 3,4, Freshman 
Orientation Advisor 3, 4; Marketing Society 4 

REDDEN, Charles E. D, Brunswick, MD.; B A. Biology; Sigma Pr 

Epsilon 2,3,4, Swimming Team 3 

REED, Richard Kelley; BeltsviUe, MD, B.S. Business; Sigma Chi 
2.3.4, Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Soccer 4 

REES. Douglas Neil, Fairfield, Conn.; B A English; Intramurals 
2,3,4, Old Gold and Black 3,4; Tau Eta Mu 4 

REVELLE. Helen Gertrude; Murgreesboro, N.C , B A. Sociology; 
SOPH 3,4; Sociology Club 3,4. Student Hostess Alumni Affairs 4. 

REYNOLDS, Gregg Duane, Summit. N.J.; B.A. History. Pika 
2.3,4; IFC 2,3,4, Treasurer 4. Poteat House 1.2, ROTC 1,2,3,4 

RHODES, Douglas Battett; North Wilkesboro, N.C ; B.S. Busi- 

RHODE5, Richard Stockton, Wilson, N.C; B A. Education; Inter- 
varsity Executive Committee 2,3; Intramurals 1,2.3,4; Interna- 
tional Club Committee 4; Choral Union 3; Tau Eta Mu 4. 

RIDDELL. John Everett; Princeton, N.J.; B.S. Business. 

cals 1.2,3,4; Chapel Committee 1,2,3,4, Pre-School Conference 
Planning Committee 1,2,3,4, Wake Forest Baptist Church Choir 
2,3, Biology Research Asst 3, Computer Center Operations Asst 
4, Inter amural Softball 1.2,4; Intemural 2. 

SHRAYER. Susan Lynnell, Pepper Pike, OH., BK A Intermediate 
Education, Strings 1,2,3.4; Intramural Softball 1 Sec Treasurer 
NCAE 4; Marti mers 3; Theta Chi Little Sister 4 

SHULL, Lisa. Bethesda, MD.; B.A. Psychology, Strings 1,2,3,4; 
Intramurals 1,2.3,4; Marching Band 2. Big Sis Little Sis 2, Intramu- 
ral Coach 3; Strings Vice-president 4; Delta Kapn.i Epsilon Little 
lister, 3,4; Co- asst Head Resident 3. 

3, Sweetheart 4; Peer Advisi 

SIKES, Robert Nathan; Greensboro, N.C; B.S. Mathematics, 
Theatre 1; Delta Sigma Phi 1,2,3,4, Rush Chairman 3 
Pledgemaster 4, Concert Choir 2,3, Chora] Union 3, College Un 
Lecture Committee 2: WF Madrigals 3,4, Salem Theatre 3,4; Sal 

PARENDES, Laurie Anne, Miami. Fla., B.A. Biology, Rigels 2,3,4 

PARKS, Debora Jane KernersviIIe, N.C.; B.A Biology'Art. 

ety 2.3,4, National Collegiate Players 4, Theater Productions 2.3. 

PAYNE, Joseph Mmter, Ir . Clayton, N.C; B.S. Math. Cheerleade 
2.3.4, Sigma Phi Epsilon 2,3,4 Intramurals 1.2,3,4; Math Club 3,4, 
Math Teaching Assistant 3.4. 

Committee 3, Treasurer 4; Business Manager of Student Public 
lions 4, Publications Row Board President 4; ODk and Mortal 
Board 4, Big Four Field Day 1. 

ball, Tennis, Basketball!, 2,3,4. 

SINDEN, Howard Bruse, Morganton, N.C; B.A Biology; Kappa 
Alpha 2,3,4, Muscular Dystrophy Chairman 3; Golf Intramural 
1,2,3, Ping Pong Intramural 3. 

Beta 4; Theta Chi President. 

■ 2,4; Student Judicial Board 3, Co-Chairman 4. Student 
Government 3; Teer Advisor 3.4; Hankins Scholar 2,3,4; Pika So- 
cial Affiliate 4 

s 2,3,4, Student Co Chairman for Col- 
lege Fund Alumni Telethon 2; Alumni Office Student Assistant in 
Presides Box 3 

PETERSON. Elizabeth Ann Dayton, Ohio; B.A. Biology; Fideles 
1,2,3,4, Student Government I 2,3.4, WRC Dorm Representative 
1; Pika Little Sister 3,4, Vice-President 4, Intramurals 1,2.3,4; 

ROYALS, Hoover Megy, Jr.; Wadesboro. N.C ; B.A. Chemistry 
Biology, Eta Sigma Phi 2.3,4; Alpha Epsilon Delta Vice-President 
4, Historian 2.3, Afro-Ameiican Society 1,2,3,4; \lpha Phi Alpha 
4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4. 

SMITH. Allen Dale. Jr .; Durham N.C; B.A. History; Kappa 
Sigma Tennis 1; Kappa Sigma Tennis J V. 2; Kappa Sigma 
Pladgemaster 3; Kappa Sigma Guard 4. 

SMITH, Donna Raye; Walnut Cove, N.C; B.S. Administration 

SMITH, Kelle Annette; Centerville OH.; B.S. Math-Economics; 
Resident Advisor 2,3; Intramural Basketball 1,2; Intramurals 
Softball 1; Strings 2,3,4; Omnicron Delta Epsilon 3,4; Professor 
Asst. 4; Outing Club 4, Wake Forest Dance Company 3,4. 

POOLE, Leslie H ; Camber. MD , B.A Biologv'Chemi-.try; Circle 
K 1, Band 1,2, Tn-Beta 3,4. College Union, Coffeehouse Commit- 
tee 3.4, Board ol Directors 4, Outing Club 4, Chemistry LabT.A.. 
Biology Lab 1 A 2.3,4, Languate Lab Assistant 2. 

S A FRIT, Jeffrey Taylor; Garner, N.C; B.A. Biology; Pep Band 
1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1, ,3.4; lazz Ensemble 2,3.4, Choral Union 
2.3,4; Drama 1,4; Theta Chi 2,3,4; Tn-Beta 4; Intervansty 1,2,3,4; 

SNELL, Thomas E.; Charlotte, N.C; B.S Physical Education, 
Rugbv 1.2,3,4; IV 1,2,3,4; P E Ma)OrsClub 3,4. Juniro class rep. 3; 
Intramural Referee "l 1 Action Group Leader 2; Intramural Sports 
1,2,3,4; FCA2,4. 

Math Club 3,4; Advisory Council 

1 Evrei 

PORTER Gary K , Jr.; Doylestown. PA.; B.S. Busi 

SAMSEN, Douglas Stuart, Genoa, OH; B.S. Business; Marching 
Band 1,2,3; Wind Ensemble, Pep Band 1,2,3; APO 2.3,4; Intervar- 
sity 4; Big Brother 3,4. 

Mortar Board 3,4, Omicron Delta Kappa 3,4, Phi Beta Kappa 

, Freshman Adv 

N.J., B.A. Biology; 

SCROCGS, Justin Leigh, Clyde, N.C,; B.A. Economics; Resident 
Assistant 3 Asst Head Resident 4, Student Athletic Committee 
3,4; Kitchen House 1,2,3,4, Bowling Club 4; Intermurals 1,2,3,4; 

SHEAFFER, Deborah Sue; Chapel Hill, N.C; B.A. Biology, 
Lideles 2,3,4, Tn-Beta 3,4; T R I.B.E. 2,3,4. 

SPEARMAN, Kosanne; Creensboro, N C , B.A. History; Thymt 

STAMEY, Beverly Anne, Greensboro, N.C, B S. Business, Amei 
r Personnel 

STANLEY, Emilv Carol, High Point, NC, BS Mathematics; 
Marching Band 1,2,3,4; R A 3,4, Asst Head Resident 4, SO P.H. 
3,4; Intramural Sports 3,4. Concert Band, 1,2; Wind Ensemble 3; 
Pep Band 1,2,3,4. 


RECTOR Neil Kenyon. Springfield. VA.; B A. Economics! 
English, Student Government Legislature 2, President 3, Faculty 
Student Life Committee 2.5.4; College Republicans 1,2.3.4; March- 
ing Kind I 2,3. Jazz Ensemble 1 I', p Band 1,2.3; Harry S. Trumar 
Scholar 2,3 4, ODK and Mortar Ft, nr, I I resident 4; Theta Chi 2,3,4; 
Student Delender 4, OKI C...ld and Black Columnist 4: Intramurals 

SHEETS, Urde Mack. II; Jefferson, N.C; B.A Biology. 
SHELTON. Donna Sue, Greensboro. N.C, B A. History. 

. Rockville, MD,; B.A Politics; WRC 

SHOAK Richard Thomas, Durham. N.C ; B.A Biology; BSU 1,2; 
Inter- Varsity 1,2.3,4, YARSeekers 1,2,3,4; Wesley Foundation Bd, 
of Directors 1.2.3,4; Madrigal Singers 1,2,3,4; Choral Union 2; 
Marching Band 1,2.3,4, lazz Band 1,2,3,4, Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Musi- 

STEEN, Thomas loseph; Farmingdale, NY, B.A. Psychology; 
Taylor House 1,2, Lt. Gov 1, Governor 2, Intramurals 1.2,3,4; 
College Union Recreation Comm 3,4. Alpha Phi Omega 3.4. So- 

House Pres. 3; FCA 2, Intramurals 4 

Tri-Beia 2.3,4. 



. Marshall at Graduation 4 

UHLAND. Susan K , Wilmington, DE.; B.A Psychology 

Democrats 2,3.4, President 4: North Carolina Student Legislator 
3,4; Kappa Sigma 2,1,4. Summer Internship with Sen. Robert 

WHITE, Martha Cj Williamsburg, VA, B A Political Science, 
SOPH 1,2,3,4, WRC 1.3. 

WH1TEHURST, Michael Charles; Bethesda, MD. B.S. Mathemati- 
cal Economics, MRC President 4, Intramural- Football, basketball, 
SoftbaJI 2,3,4, Rugby Club 1; Howler Sports Staff 3,4; Alcohol 

STOWE, Linda Holley, Mount Hollv, NC; B \ Politics; S.O.P.H. 
1.2,3,4; College Republicans 3; Poteat House Sweetheart 2; Pi 
Kappa Alpha Little Sister 3,4. 

STRICKLAND. David Duveen; Middlesex, NC; B.S. Business, 
Hankins Scholar 1,2, Student Legislator 2,3, Academic G 
Appropriations and Budget Comm. 3; S.B.Ac. Represen 
Davis Mouse, Senator 3,4, Treasurer 3,4; MRC 3,4 

U'll IMJK. Ralph Lynch; Durham, N.C., B.S Busine: 
Basketball 1,2,4, Intramural Softball 3. 

Ion 2.3,4; Choral Un: 

STROBEL, Linda Susan; Durham, NC; B.A. English; Marching 
Band 1,2,3.4. Staff 2. Wind Ensemble 1,2; Pep Band 1,2; Orchestra 
1.2; Cross Country 2; Residence Advisor 3,4, WRC House Presi- 

President 2, President 2,3; Wrestling Club 2. Soccer Club 1,2 3 4 
R.O.T.C. 1; Choral Union 2,3. 

SUTTOR, Benjamin C. Jr.; Murfreesboro, NC; B.A. History; De- 
an's List 2; Cheerleader 3.4, Deamon Deacon 3, Head Cheerleader 

SWINDLER. Terence Adorne; Spartanburg, SC; B.A Economics, 
Wind Ensemble 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 2,3; Pep Band 2,3; Alpha 
Phi Omega Treasurer, Afro- American Society 1,2,3,4, 

TABOR, Dennis Gordon: Pusan, Korea. B.S Chemistn, Physic-.. 
Taylor House 1,2,3, Senator 2, Lt. Gov 3; Rifle Team 2,3, Ameri- 
can Chemical Society 4, Vice-president 4; Society of Physics Stu- 

TACY. Carl Richard, Jr.. Winston-Salem, NC; B.A. SCTA 

TALLEY, Lisa Anne; Charlotte, NC; B.S. Accounting; Hankins 
Scholar 1,2,3,4, Dean's List 1,2,3; Peer Advisor 3,4; WRC 2; Intra- 
nurals 2,3,4, Fideles 1,2,3,4, Photographer 1,2, Social Chairman 3, 

VOGEL, Tina Suzanne, SanPedro, CA.; B.S. Mathematics. STEPS 
1,2,3,4, Tres 4; Marching Band 2, Choral Union 2.3,4. IV 2.3,4; 
BSU Choir 3, Math Club 3. 

ton-Salem, NC, B.A. Math- 

WAKEFIELD, Elizabeth Russell, Spartenburg, sc. B.A. History; 
OidGold& Black 1,2.3.4, Assl. Editor 3. Gazette Editor 3, Managing 
Editor 4. The Student 2,3.4, Asst. Editor 3, STEPS 1,2,3,4, Historian 
2; Mortar Board 3,4; Phi Alpha Theta 3,4; London 4 

WALL, Cathy Ann, Rockingham, NC; B.A. Anthropology. 
Theatre Asst. State Manager 1, Afro- American Society 1,2,3,4. 
WFU Choir 1.2.3,4, Student Athletic Comm. 3; J.V. Cheerleader 3. 
Varisty Cheerleader 4; Co-editor of "No Mo" newsletter 3; Writer 
forOC&Bl; Strings 2, 3,4; Lambda Alpha 3,4; Alphia Phi Alphia 
Sweeheart4.1 K . 

WALL, Margaret Caroline; St Petersburg, FL; B.S. Accounting, 
Thymes 2,3,4. 

WALLOVER, David Beatty; Beaver, PA., B.A. English; Iv 2,3,4, 
Family Group Leader 4; Kappa Sigma 2,1,4. IFC-ISC Bible Study 
3,4, Choral Union 2,3,4; Concert Choir 3,4. 

WALSH, Thomas Raymond Walsh, Darien, Conn ; B A Psychology; 
College LInion 2,3,4, Videotape Committee Chairman 4. Kappa Sigma 
2,3,4, House Manager 3. Vice-President 4, Freshman Advisor 3,4; 
Alpha Epsilon Delta 2,3.4. Treasurer 3.4, Alpha Phi Omega 2,3,4 

lU Beach, VA ; B.S Math; EtaSigma 

WARE, Pamela Renee, Decatur, CA ; B A Political Science, 
Afro- American Society 1.2,3,4; WFU Gospel Choir 1,2,3; President 
2; WRC 1,2; House President 2;StUdent Government 1. Residence 
Hall Staff 3,4. Strings 3,4, Old Gold & Phu k 4 

V/ARREN, Mark Lowe; Raleigh, NC; B.A Chemistry, Cross Country 
Team 1,2.3; Track Team 1,2,4. S G. Legislator 2. Recipient ot Spanish 
Exchange Scholarship to Columbia 3; Alpha Epsilon Delta 2,3,4. 

Fraternity 2,3.4; lntramuraJs 1,2,3,4 

WATSON, Allison Rene, Raleigh, NC; B.A Speech C 
Transfer 3; Ma- L -* : - 
Student Legi 
Statewide Oft 

WILLIAMS I aura I ynn. Lakeland, FLA., B.A. German; Intramu- 
ral Football and Basketball 1; WRC Representative and Dorm 
Council Representative 2, Exchange Student to Free University of 

WILLIAMS. Tamara Jo; High Point, NC. B.A. Intermediate 
Eduction, WRC 1,2,4, Johnson A-side House President 3; Wom- 
en's Varsity Basketball Team 1.2, Fellowship of Christian Athletes 
1,2,3,4, Student N.C. Association of Educators 3,4. 

WILKINSON, Amy Christine. Wilmington, N.C; B.A. Psycholo- 

WILKINS, John Douglas, Shelby, N.C, B.A. History, Transfer 2; 
Theta Chi 2.3,4, College Union 3,4. Board of Directors and Special 
Events Chirman 4, College Democrats 2,3,4, Marketing Club 3,4; 

WILSON, Lawrence Allan, Jr ; Wilmington. N.C; B.S. Busin 
Intramurals: Golf 1,2,3,4 and Basketball 2; Student Governrr 
1,2, Campus Life Committee 1,2. 

Resident Advisor Selection Committee 2. 


!,3,4; Strings 
History; Old 

iketball 1,2, ODK-Mortar Board 3,4 
Rush Chairman 3; Student Govern 
s Scholarship 1,2,3,4. >- 

11IOKTON, Polio. Winston-Salem, N.C; B.A. English; College 
Union 1,2,3.4, Old Gold & Black, reporter 2; WFDD-FM, announcer 
2,3,4; WKZL FM 107, announcer 3. 

TIPPIE. Stephen Powel, Winston-Salem, NC; B.A. English, 
Transfer 2. Photographer Editor, The Student 4; Old Gold cV Black 4. 
English Honors 4. 

WEIBEL, Marcus F.; North August, S.C, B.S. MatWBusiness; Delta 
Kappa Epsilon 1,2,3,4, Rush Chairman 3; Social Chairman 4; RA 3, 
Marketing Society 4. 

WE1SNER, Larry Felix, Winston-Salem, NC; B.A. Biology, 

2,3,4; ACS 4 

WELLS. David Sinclair, Jr , West port. CT.; B S, Economics; Si gm 

nbda Chi Alpha Crescent 

ODK-Mortar Bo, 

YASKIN, SallieHart, Williamsburg, 

3.A. Psychology 

Speech Commu 


I.C; Alpha Phi Ome ; 
CHU, Wen-Wen; Taipei, Taiwan. Republic of China; MA. E 

TW1LLEY, Michael E .; Timonium, MD.. B.S. Accountancy; Track 
1.2; Accounting 
1,2,3,4; Emory I 

WEST, Joseph rhomlev; l.mcolnton, N.C; B.A. History O. 
Country; Alpha Sigma Phi; AthleticChairman, Pledgemaster; C 
lege Republicans, Alumni Chairman. 

«, 1^ *nV' 

When you bank 

at Wachovia, 

you know who 

to call. 

Every Wachovia customer has his 
or her own Personal Banker; s " 
one person to call on for any 
banking service, or to answer 

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who to call at your bank? If not, 

stop by one of our convenient 

locations, and find out why 

having a ftrsonal Banker makes 

banking at Wachovia not only 

different, but better. 




Class of 19S0 


"On The Campus" 
Ph. 723-4640 

ARA Food Service Co. 

It is our pleasure to serve the students. 

faculty, and staff of 


On Campus 

• Reynolds Hall Cafeteria »Magnolia Roon 

•Snack Bar 

We welcome requests for private parties 

which we tailor to meet your particular 

needs and specifications 

Chuck Hess 
Director of Dining Service 


'■'.^Jj.^t -AV'i;-''-. '■--■- '-■• : ." l -" ■ : "V-..< ; - 








OPEN 11:00 A.M. — 1:00 A.M. — MONDAY THRU 


SATURDAY — 12:00 NOON TO 1:00 A.M. 

SUNDAY — 1:00 P.M. TO 11:00 P.M. 





B & G. PIE 





9/our „ {utAortzec/ Qjea/er 
i/i c U^/i&ton -Oa/em 


425 Corporation Parkway 

Parkway Plaza Shopping Center 


«, /^"riv 






^^ Winston-Sole 

A rouch of exciremenr m a nine srory 
picrure window arnum o rouch of 

comforr m 320 Luxurious Rooms ond 
Suites o rouch of Gourmet Dmmg 

■n Two Superb Resrauranrs a 

rouch of convenience with o 
Cenrrol Cry Locorion wirh eosy 
access ro 1-40 and irs own Indoor 
Parking Garage 
And more rhan o fouch of 
reason m rhe Arrrocnve Rares rho' will 
moke your yoy or rhe Winsron-Salem 
Hyorr House even more enjoyoble 



Hyon world wide — ond Toll Fm 



Cinema 1&2 


University Plaza 

Cinema 1&2 





514 South Stratford Road 

Stratford Oaks Building 

Winston-Salem, N.C. 27102 

Phone (919) 723-0821 

Everything Photographic 

Most complete photographic store 

in Winston-Salem 

Headquarters for Minolta, Nikon, Canon 

Dependable Building Materials 

1721 Stadium Drive 

Phone 784-7930 
Winston-Salem, N.C. 





Serving the best 
food in the community 

CLASS OF 1980! 


Eyewear artistry since 1940 

Vinson A. Smith owner 

Guild Optician 

Fellow of International Academy of 


Honorary Master in Ophthalmic Optics 




WE'RE ONE OF THEM! ( (f2) 

Why are there so few of us? Because to become 7— r^ 
and remain ... an accredited member of the Guild 
of Prescription Opticians of America requires 
maintaining top quality standards. Members are 
subject to strict audits of business practice, facilities, 
quality and service standards. 

Why should you care? Because the Guild seal is your 
best assurance of first quality eyewear services, the 
kind of services that help you see . . . and look . . . 
your best. 

212 Forsyth Medical Park 765-1331 

1900 So. Hawthorne Road Near Hanes Mall 

«, :/»«nv 



rnomd uwzi © 



Michael Abbolt 
Mark Adcock 

Elaine Almand 
Thomas Alston 

Henry Bassett 

Mary Bell 

Debbie Bennett 

Margaret Berry 

Marie Bowles 

Keith Bridges 



|ohn Bryson 
Carole Buchanan 
Paul Canady 
lohn Carpenter 
leftery Carter 
Maria Castro 

Santord Church 

Kim Coiner 

Paula Dale 

Kimberly Deaton 

.awrence Delaplaine 

Van Denton 

Elizabeth Douglass 


Shannon Falls 

Leslie French 

Edward Gehrke 

Thomas Glass 

Ann Glovei 

Mac Haupt 

Deborah Hatche! 

Susan Hause 

Greg Have 

Mary Hein 

I ecil Hendersor 

Emily Heste 

loseph Hill, |r 

Mark Hocker 
Thomas I loke 
Tim Holland 
Scott Hookey- 
Diane Hopkins 
Susan Hunter 



m *m i 

Karen [aenke 
Timothy faniszew 
Lynne Kaye 
Mary Nash Kelly 

David Koont/ 

Joie Lewis 
Kenneth Lindquist 
Steven Lineberger 
Donald Lisenbee 
Philip Loveland 
Daniel Lukash 

Jackson Marshall 
Richard Maxey 
Nancy McClellan 
James McDougald 
William Miller 
Frances Mitchell 
Cyndee Moore 

David Morgan 
Robert Morgan 
Helen Naylor 
Chns Ng 
Richard Ognovich 
Gary Porter 
Karen Raines 

Gerald Roach 
Penelope Rodman 
Brian Ross 
Robert Sasser 
Robbin Saunders 
Mark Sexton 
Gilbert Simonetti, III 

Renee Simpson 
Bruce Sinden 
Thomas Snell 
Steve Stanley 
Gregory Stewart 
Phil Stewart 
Lynn Strobel 

Ben Sutton 
Dennis Sykes 
Carl Tacy, Jr. 
Stephen Tippie 
Harry Tucker 
Michael Twilley 
Robert Ventresca 

Jay Venuto 
Martha Vertrees 
Joseph Wagstaff 
Mark Warren 
Amy Wilkinson 
Scott Williams 
Kelly Wrenn 

Charles Berry 
Donald Bland 
Janice Bradley 
Christine Bramel 
David Brodish 
Stephen Brown 

Paul Brown 

Lynn Camp 

Jim Cater 

Scott Chapman 

Connie Clipp 

Curtis Coleman 

Patty Connelly 

Ann Copeland 

Derek Crocker 

Lisa DeMaio 

Autumn Duhe 

Tammy Dull 

Jon Dumond 

Carolyn Edmonds 

Katy Edmonds 
Pam Foresman 
Steve Fuller 
Marilyn Gamer 
[im Gastner 
David Goldring 
Mike Goodman 


Lloyd Arnold 



\ V* 

Parker Grannis 
lack Gustafson, |r 
Alien Hall 
Diane Hamlet 
Lynn Hardie 
Bryan Hill 
Darlene Hill 

Victoria Hill 
Jim Houser 
Cynthia Johnson 
Mary Keeton 
Mike Key 
Sandra Leonard 
Orlando Lugo 



Ronald Mattiso 
Jeff Miller 
Laura Murray 
John Nelson 
Samuel Page 
Lisa Patterson 

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Thomas Pierce 
David Pittman 
Stew Powers 
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Kathenne Smith 

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Patricia Vecello 
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David Warren 
Joy White 

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Martha Woote 

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Edward Alien 

Alison AUsbrook 

Kann Armen 

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Paul Benz 

Wolfgang Bergmann 

lanet Berry 

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Candace Brantley 

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Janet Bynum 

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Rodney Carter 

Donna Cash 

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Buck Cochran 

Ben Cockerham 

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Jinsey Dauk 
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Liz Denning 
Michael Depopas 

Donna Desem 
Chris Diesing 
Ray Douglass 
Jeff Dunham 
Lysle Evans 
Beth Fields 
John Gannon 

Charlotte Grant 

Scott Griffin 

Tern Guest 

Sara Gurry 

Carol Gwaltney 

Hayden Harrell 

Dennis Heame 














J' f^MT-'P 



1 "* 

KB Ili vv Wi 

ftflpOk il 

Robert Hersh 
Tami H.gdon 
Dexter Hill 
Harriet Jennings 
Anne Johnson 
Donna Johnson 

lay Johnson 
Lydia Johnson 
Alvin Keyes 
Landon King 
Jonathon Kirkenda 
Beth Komegay 
John Lazarchick 

Marshall Lee 
David Lindquist 
Greg Livesay 
Scott Magruder 
Emily Masloff 
Eileen McNulty 
Manaone Merrell 

Mark Morollo 
Martha Murray 
Mark Myers 
Bill Nance 
Diane Northcutt 
Jim Nussbaum 
Richard Pearson 

Leigh Propst 
Rick Puckett 
HoUy Pugh 
Gloria Rawlinson 
John Rodgers 
Avijit Roy 
James Schrader 

Jeff Schutt 
Jennifer Schwartz 
Marian Schwartz 
Elizabeth Stamey 
Mandy Stuart 
Jesse Suit 
Andrew Tucker 

Geoffrey Wall 
Frank Warner 
Andrew Warren 

John Watson 
Drew Wyatt 
Luci Younger 


Craig Baker 

Jane Bess 

Scott Black 

Larry Bowden 

Craig Bradfield 

Karen Bradley 

Chip Coffey 

Tom Cogsil 

Lou Ann Compere 

Perry Danskv 

Christopher Dedera 

Paul Diodati 

Diana Doster 

Mark Drew 

David Dunlap 

Renee Duvall 

Aleta Edwards 

Jeff Elliott 

Carol Ellison 

Ann Ferguson 

Taizo Fu|iki 

Dee Gibson 

Charles Green 

Molly Griffin 

Cathy Guerster 

Ginger Heflin 

Amy Hoey 


Mark Holt 

Carolyn Hunter 

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Larry James 

Scott Jamison 

Elbert |ohnson 

Walter Joyner 

Kate Lassiter 

I ls.i I I'dford 

Nancv Lee 

Lori Lewis 

Susan Lockland 

Mandy Loggins 

Dan Long 

Charles Martin 

Tamara Martin 

Charles Mast 

Hal McDonald 

Robert McKaughn 

James Melton 

Michelle Milne 


George Adams 

Barry Austin 

Elizabeth Baird 

A* Aft 

— "" 

Charles Via 
Chip Walpole 
Jennifer Weatherspoon 
Jackie Werth 
Lewis Wilkinson 
Brad Williamson 
Linda Windlev 

Kathryn Wright 
David Yarborough 


* j~***$ 


/( all begins one hot August afternoon with an orientation 
talk beneath the lofty steeple of Wait Chapel. Four years 
later if all ends with commencement exercises beneath that 
same lofty steeple. With diploma grasped firmly in hand 
and feet itching to cross the threshold of the "real" world, 
the graduate may surprisingly find that he really isn't 
leaving it all behind. The academic achievements and extra- 
curricular activities, the soaring triumphs and devastating 
frustrations, the rare moments and colorful memories all 
combine to define the Wake Forest graduate and guide him 
for years to come. Whether consciously or not, you can't 
help taking it with you. 

May the 1980 Howler, as it endlessly decorates the coffee 
tables of America, remind you that, indeed, you have taken 
it with you. 










..*\-+» : f; 

•.*■'.■:'<•••* ■ 

■ ^M ■ 

"k. I ■ I